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New York Yankees

  32 Lots       »   

Lot 461.  4 Pieces of Sheet Music with a Baseball Connection – Tigers, Reds, Braves and Yankees. This sheet music, issued as early as 1907 and as recently as 1955, is associated with MLB teams in various ways. “The Tigers Went a Hunting,” from 1907, is dedicated to “Hughey Jennings (the Tigers’ manager) and His Great Ball Club.” His Tigers had won the American League title and were about to face the Cubs in the World Series. The front and back covers have 10 well executed illustrations depicting or related to tigers. The pages are separated, relatively brittle and have edge chips and tears that do not affect the music or illustrations. F+. Thomas H. Griffith, right fielder for the Cincinnati Reds, is pictured on the cover of “I’ll Change Your Shadows to Sunshine.” He wrote the words, and Elmer B. Griffith wrote the music. Otherwise, the 1912 song has no connection with the Reds. Parts of two other songs by Thomas Griffith are provided inside the front cover and on the outside of the back cover – “Take me back to old Ohio” and Ireland Dear Old Ireland.” Pages separated, two names on the front cover, g-vg. The most direct association with a team is provided by “The Milwaukee Braves Song,” words and music by Florence Heather Beyer, 1953, ex-m. A New York Yankees cap, punctured by a pitchfork, is on the cover of sheet music for “Whatever Lola Wants” from “Damn Yankees.” This 1955 sheet music is vg. The Tigers and Braves sheet music is scarce.
Minimum Bid $50     

Lot 466.  May 1935 “Baseball Magazine” with Babe Ruth, Bill McKechnie on the Front Cover. The front and back covers are detached from the magazine and separated from each other. The covers have chips and tears along the edges. The “Baseball Magazine” header and the photo would display well if matted. The pages of the magazine are g+ to vg. Mickey Cochrane and Arky Vaughan are pictured inside the front and back covers, respectively.
Winning Bid $20     

Lot 472.  1950 "Baseball Stars" Magazine #2-1950 with DiMaggio, Robinson, Williams on the Cover. Published by Dell, this 98-page publication offers an enjoyable mix of photos and information. It includes articles on baseball’s 10 best batters, pitchers, outfielders and infielders, as well as the five best catchers. Vg+ cover with ex pages.
Winning Bid $15     

Lot 473.  11 Different 1950s-1960s “Life” Magazines – All with Baseball Superstar Covers. These issues average vg-ex with an address label on the cover unless otherwise noted. 1. Sept. 1, 1941, Ted Williams in uniform with a bat on his shoulder, text says “No. 1 Batter.” 2. Aug. 1, 1949 (no address label), Joe DiMaggio portrait, “It’s Great to Be Back by Joe DiMaggio.” 3. May 8, 1950, Jackie Robinson portrait, “Jackie Robinson Star Ballplayer Stars in a Movie.” 4. June 8, 1953 (no address label), Roy Campanella in uniform swinging a bat, “Roy Campanella Baseball’s Greatest Catcher.” 5. Sept. 14, 1953, Casey Stengel portrait with Yankees cap, “Casey Stengel’s Winning Smile.” 6. June 25, 1956, Mickey Mantle in Yankees uniform, batting stance, “The Remarkable Mickey Mantle.” 7. July 21, 1958, Roy Campanella in traction after his accident, “Roy Campanella Sits Up and Smiles.” 8. Sept. 28, 1962, Don Drysdale pitching, “Don Drysdale Dodger Strong Arm.” 9. Aug. 2, 1963, Sandy Koufax portrait, adjusting his cap, “The Dodgers’ Sandy Koufax.” 10. July 30, 1965, Mickey Mantle close-up portrait, “Mantle’s Misery: He faces physical pain and a fading career.” (But he did have two more All-Star seasons!) 11. Sept. 8, 1967, Carl Yastrzemski in a Red Sox uniform running to first, “Carl Yastrzemski, Boston’s Slugger singles against Chicago.”
Winning Bid $61     

Lot 559.  Baseball Grab Bag with Football, Basketball Too! - 1947 W.S. Ticket Stub, Autographs, Etc. This collection includes a Mets 1963 yearbook, an Al Kaline autograph, a football autograph and several basketball cards. Here is the list: 1. Ticket stub for 1947 World Series Game 2, Dodgers vs. Yankees at Yankee Stadium, g-vg. 2. 1963 New York Mets program introducing the Mets’ mascot, vg+ with writing one the schedule inside. 3. 1984 Baseball Hall of Fame yearbook, induction of Drysdale, Killebrew, Aparicio, Reese and Ferrell, vg+ to ex. 4. Al Kaline signed 8” x 10.75” color magazine photo, nm-m 8 autograph. 5. Autograph of Pittsburgh, Boston and Brooklyn outfielder Jim Russell (died 1987) on a section of paper, nm 7. 6. Cliff Floyd autograph, 2001 All-Star, large nm-m 8 to mint 9 signature. 7. Autograph of Yale Lary, Pro Football Hall of Fame defensive back, mint 9 on an unlined index card. 8. 1976-77 Topps basketball card, #93 Cunningham, vg. 9. 1988-89 Fleer basketball card #11 McHale, nm. And 10. 1990-91 Hoops basketball #317 Riley, ex-m+. Kevin Keating authenticated the autographs.
Winning Bid $102     

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