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Music – Vinyl and Sheet Music

  8 Lots      

Lot 551.  “Family Library of Great Music” + 24 Classical, Opera and Ballet 33 1/3 RPM Albums The “Family Library” comprises 22 records, each with the works of a particular composer. Symphonies primarily in Europe play the works of Beethoven, Dvorak, Handel, etc. In most cases, each record contains one complete composition. Each jacket has the owner’s name printed on the back. Otherwise, the records are nm-m in ex-m to nm jackets. Among the other albums are a two-record set capturing Vladimir Horowitz’s American debut at Carnegie Hall on Feb. 25, 1953. Vg-ex jacket with original 1978 booklet, nm+ records. On a record apparently from 1958, Van Cliburn performs Tchaikovsky’s Concerto No. 1. Ex jacket, nm record. Other music is performed by symphonies or orchestras in Indianapolis, Berlin, Vienna, Boston (Fiedler-Pops), New York (Bernstein-Philharmonic) and Cincinnati. Opera or ballet is the subject of some albums, including “Swan Lake,” “Midsummer Night’s Dream,” “Chout” and “Coppelia and Sylvia.” A number of albums contain the works of various artists, including two by the Hollywood Bowl Symphony, which also has an album devoted to the works of Sigmund Romberg. One complete album features performances by Caruso. There also is classical-light music, including “Switched-on Bach” and “Highlights from an Evening at the ‘Pops’.” The music of Victor Herbert is presented by the Andre Kostelanetz orchestra, and Kostelanetz leads the New York Philharmonic in performing Jerome Kern, George Gershwin and Ferde Grofe compositions. Other composers include Luigini, Massenet, Chopin, Beethoven, Schubert, Grieg, Ketelby, Offenbach, Debussy, Hayden, Gounod, Verdi, Liszt, Lennon-McCartney and more. The 33 1/3 album jackets average vg-ex, and the records, ex-m. Six have minor writing on the back covers. Call for details. No returns for any reason.
Winning Bid $10     

Lot 552.  Sheet Music with Early 1900s Cartoon Characters Buster Brown and the Katzenjammer Kids. Three pieces of sheet music make up this collection, two focusing on Buster Brown, and one on “The Kids.” Richard F. Outcault created Buster Brown in 1902 and continued drawing the character until 1921. In 1904, the Brown Shoe Co. made the boy and his pit bull “Tige” the company mascot. Rudolph Dirks, a Russian immigrant, created the Katzenjammer Kids, and Harold Knerr drew the strip from 1912-49. The strip ended in 2006, but reprints are still distributed by King Features. The sheet music “Come Down and Kiss Me, Honey Mine,” from a 1905 Broadway production at the Majestic Theatre, has Buster Brown and Tige on the cover. The pages are separated and the edges chipped; Outcault’s artwork displays nicely. The condition for the 1907 “Buster Brown March – Two-Step,” with artwork by a different illustrator, is in similar condition. The 20-page 1920 “Song Hits from the Great Cartoon Musical Comedy - the Original Katzenjammer Kids” contains four songs and stories, jokes and sayings from the show. Vg+.
Winning Bid $20     

Lot 553.  18 Pieces of Sheet Music and a Pamphlet with a Washington, D.C. Connection Two of the songs represented in this collection are associated with D.C. newspapers. In 1889, John Philip Sousa, leader of the U.S. Marine Band, composed the “Washington Post March” for an essay contest sponsored by the “Washington Post” newspaper. Thirty-five years later, Capt. W. J. Stannard, leader of the U.S. Army Band, created “The Washington Evening Star March” for the rival newspaper. The “Washington Post” sheet music is from 1959 and vg with a name on the front cover and music notations inside. The “Evening Star” sheet music is a 1924 original, a supplement to the newspaper. G-vg. The other sheet music is: “The Star Spangled Banner as Played by the United States Marine Band,” 1942, vg; “Cherry Blossom Time,” Stephen V. Stacy, 1951, four copies “Dedicated to Beautiful Washington, D.C.” and showing cherry blossoms and the Washington Monument on the cover, vg-ex; “Washington,” by Jessie and William Pierson, scarce, four 1919 and one 1920 editions, average g+; “Casino Anniversary March & Two Step,” Prof. Victor H. Johns, 1911, f, Casino Theatre pictured on the cover; and “Just One Dream of the Girl, Girl, Girl,” Raymond R. Zimmerman, 1911, five copies, f+, published by H. Kirkus Dugdale Co. of D.C. Also, a 34-page softcover publication, “The Music of George Washington’s Time,” 1931 from the George Washington Bicentennial Commission, vg+.
Minimum Bid $20     

Lot 554.  40 Pieces of Sheet Music, Almost All from the 1930s and Earlier. This sheet music ranges from p to ex and averages g+. Various stars are pictured on the covers: Al Jolson, “Who Paid the Rent for Mrs. Rip Van Winkle?” 1914; Kate Smith, “Violins Were Playing,” 1943; Major Bowes, “The Old Spinning Wheel,” 1933; Mary Pickford, “Daddy Long Legs,” 1919; Rudy Vallee, “If I Had a Girl Like You,” 1930; Nora Bayes, “Freckles,” 1919; Harold Lloyd, “Freshie,” 1925; Alice White, “Buy, Buy for Baby,” 1928; Richard Dix, “Redskin,” 1929; Anna Handler, “Louisville Lou (That Vampin’ Lady),” 1923; and Frank Crumit, “Pretty Little Dear,” 1927. Familiar titles include “Silver Threads Among the Gold,” 1935; Sail Along, Sil’ry Moon,” 1937; “The Blue Room,” 1926, by Rodgers and Hart; “Because You’re You,” 1915, by Victor Herbert; “It’s De-Lovely,” 1936 by Cole Porter; “My Time is Your Time,” 1934; “I’m Walking Behind You,” 1951; “God Bless America,” 1939 by Irving Berlin; “Auld Lang Syne,” used to promote Bromo-Seltzer; and “Of Thee I Sing,” 1931 by Ira and George Gershwin. Other titles include “My Old Kentucky Home”; “We’ll Have a Jubilee in My Old Kentucky Home,” 1915; “The Turkey Trot,” 1915; “It’s a Million to One You’re in Love,” 1927; “My Mammy,” 1921; “There’s a Spark of Love Still Burning in the Embers of My Heart,” 1909; “Cupid’s Arrow,” 1909; “Harold Teen,” 1928, based on the comic strip; “Which Hazel?” 1921; “Dear Little Mother with Silver Hair,” 1931; and “The Peanut Vendor,” 1930.
Minimum Bid $20     

Lot 555.  Sheet Music – 38 Pieces – Primarily from the 1930s and Earlier. Bing Crosby, Al Jolson, Ozzie Nelson and Xavier Cugat are among the notables who performed the songs featured in this collection. The music sheets range from p to ex and average g+ to vg. Crosby is on the cover of sheet music for “Love in Bloom” from “She Loves Me Not,” 1934; Jolson, “Where the Black-Eyed Susans Grow” from “Robinson Crusoe, Jr.,” 1917, and “Swanee” from “Sinbad,” 1919, with music by George Gershwin; Nelson, “And Then Your Lips Met Mine,” 1930, with his lyrics; Cugat, “Isle of Capri,” 1934; and Cugat with Jose Iturbi and various actors, “I Think of You” from “Holiday in Mexico,” 1946. Other performers on the sheet music covers include: Geraldine and Anne Beaumont, “The Wedding of the Painted Doll,” 1929; Ruth Etting, “You’ve Got Me Crying Again,” 1933; Belle Baker and Isabella Patricola (2 different), “Louisville Lou (That Vampin’ Lady,” 1923; Ethel Shutta, “Lazybones,” 1933, by Johnny Mercer and Hoagy Carmichael; Billy Mills, “Who is Sylvia,” 1935; Billy Glason, “Bebe,” 1922; and Cliff Edwards, “Just a Little Thing Called Rhythm,” 1925. Other songs include: “My Madonna,” 1929, lyrics by Billy Rose; “They Go Wild Simply Over Me,” 1917; “With a Hey and a Hi and a Ho Ho Ho!” 1947; “June Brought the Roses,” 1924; “One Alone” from “The Desert Song,” 1926, by Oscar Hammerstein, et. al., and Sigmund Romberg; “Sail Along, Silv’ry Moon” (2), 1937; “Silver Moon” from “My Maryland,” 1927; “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes,” 1933, by Jerome Kern; “God Bless America,” 1939 by Irving Berlin; and “Silver Threads Among the Gold,” 1915.
Minimum Bid $20     

Lot 556.  World War I and II-Era Military and Patriotic Sheet Music – 3 Songs by Irving Berlin. Eight pieces of music and a song book make up this collection: 1. “Sons of America: America Needs You,” 1917, Uncle Sam and an Army bugler outside a recruiting station on the cover, p-f. 2. “God Bless America,” 1939, by Irving Berlin, g+. 3. “He’s My Uncle Sam,” 1940, g. 4. “Any Bonds Today?” with Uncle Sam on the cover, 1941, vg+, by Berlin. 5. “He Wears a Pair of Silver Wings,” 1941, vg, name written on the front cover. 6. “How About a Cheer for the Navy,” from “This is the Army,” 1942, by Berlin, ex. 7. “There’s a Star Spangled Banner Waving Somewhere,” 1942, g-vg. 8. “Johnny on the Spot,” 1943, vg+ to ex. The 24-page softcover “Service Songs” book from 1944 contains 12 songs, including one each related to the Coast Guard, Army Air Forces trainees, the Marine Corps, women in the Navy, and Naval aviators, g+ to vg with vg+ to ex pages.
Winning Bid $10     

Lot 557.  13 Pieces of Sheet Music Featuring Art Deco and Other Girl Art, Including Mary Pickford. The artists are identified for most of the beautiful artwork for these 13 pieces of sheet music. Leo Sielkeur created the portrait of Mary Pickford for “I’ll Tell the World,” 1919, vg with a person’s name added to the front cover. The other covers present attractive portraits of women. Rolf Armstrong is the artist for “Tears Tell,” 1919, vg, store’s stamp on the front. The artwork for “Dreaming Dreams of You” was created by Walter Dunk, 1919 vg-ex. The 1923 sheet music for “Rio Nights” has an illustration by Malcom Perret. Three covers are by Edward H. Pfeiffer, among the more prolific illustrators of the early 1900s: “Made in America: There’s a Maid in America, a Maid for Every Boy,” 1914, g; “Through Your Eyes Are Full of Mischief You’re the Girl for Me,” 1919, vg+ to ex, and “They’ll Never Miss the Wine in Dixieland,” 1920, vg+. Two covers were painted by Morris Rosenbaum’s Studios: “You’d Be Surprised,” 1919, pages separated, g, and “Tired of Me,” 1920, vg+. One of the Stamer Brothers, William or Frederick, created the damsel for the “Whipped Cream,” 1913, heavy outside corner wear, vg. And a song called “Sunbeam (I’m Coming Back to You)” features the work of Andre de Takacs, 1919, chips at the top, clean artwork. Two covers with unidentified artists are “Little Silver Lady,” 1925, vg+, and “Kiss Me Good Night! (Out the Window You Must Go),” 1913, g with a portrait essentially free of creases.
Winning Bid $15     

Lot 558.  “A Treasury of Stephen Foster” and Other Music Compilations, Some for Children Random House published the Stephen Foster hardback in 1946. This 222-page first printing, illustrated by William Sharp, is vg+ with clean ex-m pages. The dust jacket is absent. Here is a list of the other publications: 2. “Songs from Hans Christian Anderson” with music by Frank Loesser, vg 24-page softcover with seven songs arranged for Hammond organ, 1953, vg. It includes “Anywhere I Wander” and “Wonderful Copenhagen.” 3. “The Golden Book of Favorite Songs,” 1923, more than 190 songs in 128 pages, ex+ softcover. It includes patriotic, religious and Christmas songs, and early 1900s classics. 4. “Musical Joys for Girls and Boys,” 14 easy songs for children, 1908, g softcover. 5. “Cornish’s Practical Instructor for the Reed Organ,” 1895, g hardcover. 5. And the Aug. 1948 edition of “The Etude Music Magazine,” approximately 70 pages with 17 music selections, vg
Minimum Bid $10     

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