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Auto and Horse Racing, Golf, Tennis, Track & Field, Olympics, Rodeo, Soccer

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Lot 320.  1896 Sporting Beauty Cigar Box Label Depicting Baseball and Horse Racing. Wonderful, colorful period graphics show horse racing and baseball action next to a woman holding a Score Card. The 4.5” x 7” label is technically g as a result of creases evident upon close examination; at some point, it looks as if the label was folded horizontally and vertically. The label displays as vg or better.
Winning Bid $25     

Lot 521.  1938 W.A. & A.C. Churchman “Association Footballers” Set of 50. Sepia or brown-tone photos occupy the fronts of these cards, which have information on the footballer pictured. Stanley Matthews, Ronnie Dix and Frank Soo are among the players in the set. Vg-ex to ex.
Winning Bid $30     

Lot 562.  10 Vintage Guides or Books on Track and Field, Hockey, Golf, Tennis and Running. These publications are softcovers unless otherwise noted. One of the scarcer publications is “How to Sprint” edited by Archie Hahn. This 246-page 1929 softcover is from “Spalding’s Athletic Library.” One of the best sprinters of the 20th century, Hahn won gold medals in three events at the 1904 Olympics in St. Louis. The book has photos of various sprinters. Vg-ex with a name written on the front cover. The “1915 Spalding’s Official Athletic Almanac” has more than 200 pages on track and field competition, swimming and boxing. It is illustrated with photos and contains information on intercollegiate and international events. No covers, vg-ex pages, content complete. Also: “The Track Events and Analysis of Correct Form,” Maj. John L. Griffith and “Potsy” Clark, 1923, from the Wilson Athletic Library, 64 pages, vg; “Constitution, By-Laws and Laws of Athletics, Inter-Collegiate Association, Amateur Athletes America,” 1902, no covers, 64 vg pages; and “The Olympic Discus: A Story of Ancient Greece,” Jan Parandowski, 1964 edition softcover, vg-ex. HOCKEY is represented by the “1952 Official Hockey Guide of the Amate4ur Hockey Association of the United States,” 262 pages with photos of many youth teams, vg. GOLF’s entry is the 1949 “Official Golf Guide,” a 256-page hardback edited by Fred Corcoran and published by A. S. Barnes & Company. Golfer of the Year Ben Hogan is on the front cover of the guide, which is vg+. Two LAWN TENNIS annuals are part of this collection, Spalding’s offering for 1919, f-g, and Wright & Ditson’s for 1934, vg. Top players are pictured in each guide. Finally, this group includes “The Complete Runner.” 1978 “from the editors of ‘Runner’s World’ magazine,” 392 pages, ex.
Winning Bid $40     

Lot 563.  1920s-30s Spalding Guides and Posters on Basketball, Volleyball and Baseball for Women. Three guides, from Spalding’s Athletic Library, are the “Official Basket Ball Guide for Women for 1921-22 vg, 1922-23 g+ (covers detached and present) and 1924-25 g-vg. Given the instructions these guides provide, the authors certainly didn’t anticipate the WBA. Each guide has at least 50 pages, and as many as 70. A 1937 publication, from Spalding’s “Athletic Activities for Women and Girls” series, provides instructions for “Outdoor Baseball” and “Volley Ball for Girls and Women.” Vg. In a 3.5” x 4.5” format, a 64-page Spalding supplement to the “Official Outdoor Baseball Guide for Girls and Women” presents “Outdoor Baseball Rules for Girls and Women,” ex-m. A 1923 publication, “Track and Field Athletics for Girls: Instructions for Acquiring Correct Form,” provides 154 pages of information and instruction; vg with a 3” spine split. This publication covers a wide range of track and field events. Four posters of various sizes accompany these publications: “Basketball Technique” (2, one approximately 10” x 13”, and the other, which is illustrated with photos of girls playing basketball, 13” x 26”); “Volley Ball for Girls and Women,” 14.5” x 18”, and “Outdoor Baseball for Girls Rules Chart,” 19.5” x 23.5.” All of these posters have multiple folds, and except for the baseball poster, all have multiple tears along the folds. Five guides, a supplement and four posters.
Winning Bid $68     

Lot 564.  1928-29 Draper-Maynard “Official Rules” for Various Sports. This 64-page 4” x 6” publication contains rules for football, basketball, women’s basketball, soccer, volleyball, hockey and indoor baseball. D&M products are liberally promoted, and legendary coach Pop Warner is pictured endorsing the company’s football equipment. G+ to vg with a 3.5” spine split and chips on two corners of the front cover.
Winning Bid $10     

Lot 565.  18 Sports Books – Jesse Owens, Grantland Rice, Barnes Sports Library, Etc. . Eleven hardback books are from the Barnes Sports Library. Two deal with football, one with hockey, six with basketball, and one each with swimming and bowling. Among the highlights is Jesse Owens’ 1978 “Jesse: A Spiritual Autobiography,” in which “the Olympic star tells how he found God.” First edition, near fine hardback with a 1/8” line of very slight fading at the bottom of the front cover; vg dust jacket with rubbing on the back and some fading along the spine. A religious perspective prevails also in “Winning,” a 1990 first edition from Rosey Grier and Kathi Mills. Thirty-eight athletes, from Mike Barber through John Wooden, and including Tom Landry, Meadowlark Lemon, Pete Maravich, Anthony Munoz, Jo Jo Starbuck and Reggie White, offer their thoughts on achieving victory in sports and life. Fine book, near fine dust jacket. In “The Tumult and the Shouting,” influential sportswriter Grantland Rice offers insights about Ty Cobb, Bobby Jones, Jack Dempsey, Bill Tilden, Knute Rockne, Jim Thorpe, Babe Didrikson and other athletes. The 1954 fifth printing is vg; the dust jacket is missing. Four softcover books, each written by a top star, focus on tennis. All are 1975 or 1976 reprints: “Tennis” by Pancho Gonzales; “How to Play Better Tennis” by Bill Tilden; “Tennis to Win” by Billie Jean King, and “Tennis Doubles: Tactics & Formations” by Paul Metzler. Each book is near fine in a vg slipcase. All of the Barnes Sports Library books are hardbacks without dust jackets unless otherwise noted. On FOOTBALL: “Football,” W. Glenn Killinger, 1939, near fine book, heavily damaged dust jacket. And “Football Techniques Illustrated,” Jim Moore and Tyler Micoleau, 1931, near fine first edition, 0.5” light stain on the front cover. BASKETBALL: Four of the six books are by Clair Bee, who led Long Island University at Brooklyn to unbeaten seasons in 1936 and 1939 and to National Invitation Tournament championships in 1939 and 1941. Bee’s books are: “The Science of Coaching,” vg+; “Man-to-Man Defense and Attack,” 1942, vg+, writing inside front cover; “Zone Defense and Attack,” 1942, vg, stain on the back cover; and “Drills and Fundamentals,” 1942, vg+ book with a name inside the front cover, g dust jacket. The two other basketball books are: “Basketball Illustrated,” Howard A. Hobson, 1948, vg, and “Basketball,” Charles C. Murphy, 1946, complete, f+ to g. HOCKEY: “Ice Hockey,” Eddie Jeremiah, 1942 first edition, vg+. BOWLING: “Bowling for All,” Joe Falcaro and Murray Goodman, 1957, g+. SWIMMING: “Swimming,” by Robert J. H. Kiphurth, 1942, vg. If your sports interests are diverse, these books will provide many hours of education and entertainment!
Winning Bid $25     

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