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Football Memorabilia

  26 Lots       »   

Lot 629.  Eight 12-Ounce Tumblers from Hickok Recognizing Vintage Sports Champions. These glasses honor champions of Major League Baseball, the National Football League, the National Hockey League, the Masters Golf Tournament, the National Basketball Association and the Kentucky Derby from 1946-63. One glass is devoted to Heavyweight Boxing Champions, 1908-62, and another, to the S. Rae Hickok Professional Athlete of the Year, 1950-63. Hickok issued the glasses, which are nm-m in the original box. The Kentucky Derby glass has a very small chip inside the rim. Each glass is designed with a decorative gold frame around the name of a champion player or team. The sport is identified on a raised section at the top of the frame. A gold illustration representing the sport is above. Familiar names include Sam Snead, Ben Hogan, Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, Jack Johnson, Jack Dempsey, Joe Louis, Rocky Marciano, Assault, Citation, Swaps and Needles. Among the Hickok Award winners are Marciano, Willie Mays, Otto Graham, Mickey Mantle and Palmer. The 1946 champions were the St. Louis Cardinals, the Chicago Bears, the Montreal Canadiens, the Philadelphia Warriors (1947), Herman Keiser, Joe Louis and Assault. A price tag with the glasses indicates that they cost $5.95 in 1964. That’s more than $50 in today’s dollars. We’ll start the bidding a bit lower than that.
Winning Bid $35     

Lot 795.  Collectibles from the Olympics, Golf, Football, Baseball, Basketball, Horse Racing and Other Sports. These sports and others as well are represented in the Smithsonian Institute’s 1981 “Champions of American Sport.” The 20-page magazine-style publication has two intact sheets, each with nine perforated color cards, including Unitas, Koufax, Joe Louis, Nicklaus, Ashe, Ali, Namath, Mays, Hull, Fleming and others. Ex publication with some cards potentially mint. Here are the other collectibles by sport: Baseball – Two 33 1/3 vinyl record albums, “Baseball The First 100 Years” and “The Year of the Tiger (Detroit Tigers) ’68,” both nm. Also, a 1917 publication, “The Choir Herald,” with an advertisement for an upcoming evangelistic campaign by Billy Sunday in Los Angeles, g with two punch holes through each page. Golf – Two books, “Golf My Way” by Jack Nicklaus, 1974 softcover, ex, and “Just a Range Ball in a Box of Titleists” by Gary McCord, 1997 apparent first edition hardcover, nm book, ex dust jacket. Also, a 292-page program for the 1978 60th PGA Championship, f cover, vg+ to ex pages. Olympics – 1956 letter on U.S. Olympic Committee stationery from Vee Toner, manager of the U.S. Women’s Olympic Swimming Team, to Chet Smith, “Pittsburgh Press” sports editor. Vg-ex, generally personal content. Basketball – Two paperback books, “The Incredible Knicks” by Phil Pepe, 1970, g-vg, and “Go Up for Glory” by Bill Russell, 1966, vg. Horse Racing – Two 1972 press passes to Pitt Park Raceway at The Meadows in Pennsylvania, ex-m, and the March 1978 issue of “The Limestone Epitaph” tabloid with eight pages of harness racing articles related to the racing track near Pittsburgh, vg. Football – “The First 50 Years: The Story of the National Football League,” two 33 1/3 vinyl records, apparently 1970, nm. The albums feature the voices of George Halas, Jim Thorpe, Art Rooney, Fran Tarkenton, Gale Sayers and other pioneers and stars of the game.
Winning Bid $50     

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