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Football Memorabilia

  26 Lots       »   

Lot 484.  1887 “Harpers Weekly” Supplement of the Yale Football Team with Beecher, Corbin and Woodruff. This 16” by 22” blank-back supplement from Dec. 10 shows 11 members of the Yale football team, which won all of its nine games but one by shutout. In the “Championship Game” referenced in the two-page supplement, the Bulldogs defeated Harvard, 17-8. It was Harvard’s only loss in 11 games. Harry Beecher sits in the center holding the ball as the captain. William Herbert “Pa” Corbin, the team’s center, stands directly behind him. George Washington Woodruff, standing at the far left, became a highly successful football coach. The other players are Carter, Cross, Gill, Pratt, Graves, Wallace, Bull and Wirtenberg. Beecher is well known for being on the first football card – in the N162 1888 Goodwin Champions set. A colorized version of Beecher’s image in this woodcut is used for the card! Corbin and Woodruff are in the College Hall of Fame. Along with Amos Alonzo Stagg and Pudge Heffelfinger, Charles O. Gill, second from the right in the back row, became one of Yale’s first All-Americans in 1889. Impressive vg+ to ex supplement featuring a winning team that outscored opponents 513-8!
Winning Bid $50     

Lot 485.  Circa 1930 Harvard Football Poster – “Like All True Champions, Harvard Has What It Takes.” This attention-grabbing poster doesn’t actually represent the Ivy League university. Instead, it promotes the Harvard Brewing Co., producer of Ale, Clipper Ale, Export Beer and Porter. The brewery was located in Lowell, MA, about 30 miles from Harvard in Cambridge. It was in business from 1893-1920, when it was closed by Prohibition, and again from 1933-56. The multi-colored poster is approximately 26” x 36” and mounted on heavy board that brings its total weight to about 10 pounds. Repaired damage along the top edge and a crease are evident close-up and almost totally outside the artwork. The illustration and lettering are strong enough that these conditions are little noticed beyond a few feet. Rare and attractive.
Minimum Bid $100     

Lot 486.  A Book About College HoF Coach Knute Rockne and Another By Pro HoF Coach George Allen. Both books are hardbacks. A College Hall of Fame Player wrote the book on Rockne. In fact, Harry Stuhldreher was the quarterback for Notre Dame’s legendary Four Horsemen from 1922-24. His book “Knute Rockne: All American,” an apparent first edition, 1931 from Grosset & Dunlap, is ex-m in a vg-ex dust jacket that has several small edge tears and a crease in the upper left. The specific date of Rockne’s death in an airplane crash, March 31, 1931, has been added below his photo, which is next to the title page. Still regarded as one of college football’s greatest coaches almost a century after his passing, Rockne was inducted in 1951 into the College Hall of Fame, which identifies him as “American football's most-renowned coach.” For his coaching success with the Los Angeles Rams and Washington Redskins, Allen was inducted into the Pro Hall of Fame in 2002. He was the NFL Coach of the Year in 1967 and 1971. He wrote “Encyclopedia of Football Drills” in 1954 when he was the football coach at Morningside College in Sioux City, IA. The first edition is vg-ex with two names on the flyleaf crossed out. The dust jacket is f-g.
Winning Bid $10     

Lot 487.  “Mickey Mouse’s Football Team” Circa 1934 Post Toasties Box Panel with 5 Cut-Outs. This panel, trimmed somewhat irregularly to approximately to 7.5” x 10.75”, displays very nicely. Technically, it is vg-ex with a light-to-moderate crease in the “Football Team” banner and limited soiling, primarily in the upper right corner. Five cut-outs are presented – one with “Mickey the Quarterback,” one with Mickey scoring a touchdown while being tackled by a pig, one with Goofy and Donald Duck, one with Minnie in the “Cheering Section,” and a final cut-out with a hare delivering a “Stiff Arm” to a tortoise. A scarce, affordable Disney-Mickey Mouse collectible that, matted and framed, will become an outstanding display item!
Winning Bid $55     

Lot 488.  8 Vintage Sports Books for Youth – 5 Football, 2 Track & Field, 1 Baseball. Four of these books, all hardbacks with illustrated covers and without dust jackets, are 1930s pocket-sized 4.5” x 5.25” novels from Saalfield Publishing. The three football books from this publisher are “Stan Kent Captain” by William Heyliger, 1937, illustrated by Louis G. Schroeder, g-vg with the covers connected but separated from the pages and text missing from the spine. “West Point on the Gridiron,” Kennedy Lyons, 1936, illustrated by Charles H. Towne, covers connected and separated from the pages, vg. And “Kelly King at Yale Hall,” Paschal Strong, 1936, illustrated by Robert A. Graeff, g-vg with the text strip along the spine detached but present. The fourth pocket-sized Saalfield book is from the world of track and field, “The Winged Four” by Lyons, 1937, illustrated by Schroeder, vg. The two other football books, both hardbacks, are the same, “Kickoff!” by Thomas Baldwin, Goldsmith Publishing, one vg with minor writing on the front end-page and one page inside, and the other, g-vg, with a pencil drawing inside the front cover, names on two blank pages, and two punch holes seven leafs. Baldwin also wrote “His Olympic Feat,” from Goldsmith, with track and field as the sport, vg+ book and g+ to vg dust jacket. The book on baseball is a paperback, “The Kid Comes Back,” by John R. Tunis, 1951, vg.
Winning Bid $10     

Lot 489.  Parker Brothers’ Mid-1940s Tom Hamilton’s Pigskin Football Game. A star halfback at the U.S. Naval Academy 1924-26, Hamilton became a Naval aviator who achieved the rank of rear admiral. He also coached at Navy (head coach) and Pitt (assistant), served as athletic director at both schools, and played a key role in establishing what is now the Pac-12 Conference. The game with his name is undated but apparently from as early as 1945. The date for it is often given as 1946. An earlier version was sold in the mid-1930s. This game, which has nm contents, is accompanied by a small Parker Brothers booklet that promotes other games from the company. Several of these games were first offered in 1941, and none was introduced later than 1941. More importantly, the game also comes with a flyer promoting the “‘Nick’ Basca Memorial Football League.” Michael Martin “Nick” Basca played halfback for the Philadelphia Eagles in 1941. After the attack on Pearl Harbor, he enlisted in the U.S. Army, became a tank commander, and was killed in a German attack in France on Nov. 11, 1944. Except for one red peg (there are many others), the game is complete. Period graphics on the “Chart-O-Graph” game component box and the box lid are attractive. The base of the box has a single tear along one side panel, and the lid is vg-ex with wear along the edges, a small scuff in the upper right and crease in the lower left. This game is excellent for display.
Winning Bid $25     

Lot 490.  Milt Morin’s Cleveland Browns Home Game Jersey and an Autographed Card. Our consignor received this jersey directly from Morin, who was a good friend. The tail of the size 48 jersey has a Medalist Sand-Knit tag with the following: “Designed & Tailored Exclusively for the CLEVELAND BROWNS American Football Conference.” Whether the jersey was used in a game is uncertain. Game-use is not evident. It clearly is a game jersey and might have been an extra given to Morin. The brown jersey has Morin’s name in white on the back. His number “89”, also in white, is on the sleeves and on the front and back. Brown, orange and white stripes accent the sleeves. Morin signed his 1973 Topps card. The card is ex with a gem mint 10 signature. Morin joined the Browns in 1966 as their first-round draft selection after being a 1965 consensus All-American at the University of Massachusetts. For 10 seasons, he was one of the NFL’s best tight ends; he was named to the Pro Bowl in 1968 and 1971. Among Cleveland tight ends, he ranks second in career receptions and yards. He passed away in 2010, a week before his induction into the College Football Hall of Fame.
Winning Bid $291     

Lot 491.  2 1956 Robert Riger Framed Football Prints. Each 8.25” x 10.75” b&w print on off-white paper presents four football images. One has a vg-ex appearance, and the other, ex+. Riger was a highly regarded sports illustrator and photographer, as well as an award winning TV director and cinematographer. David Halberstam labeled him the “preeminent artist of a golden age of American sports” that followed World War II.
Winning Bid $10     

Lot 492.  17 Football Annuals, 1958-97, and “Time” and “Sports Illustrated” with Football Covers. College Hall of Fame football coach Wallace Wade is on the cover of the Oct. 25, 1937 issue of “Time.” He is the subject of a lengthy article inside. Wade’s football head coaching career included Alabama 1923-30 and Duke 1931-41 and 1946-50. The magazine is vg+, complete with ex-m pages. Eleven of the annuals are the “Football Handbook” from Lite Beer (Miller) for 1985, 1986 (3 copies), 1987 (2), 1990 and 1992-95. These booklets contain 30-54 pages of pro and college schedules and other information. The issues average vg+ to ex, and most have at least 44 pages. Cover subjects include Steve Young and Emmitt Smith. There also are pro and college guides for: 1958, Richfield Gasoline, 40 pages, vg+, Jim Brown shown in the same photo used for his rookie card. 1960, Jarman Shoes and an Augusta company, 46 pages, vg+. 1966, Esso, 64 pages, Bill Wade on the cover, vg. 1972, Kessler, 32 pages, vg-ex. A 1959 “Schedule & Record Book” from Athletic Publications features only college football, 32 pages, vg-ex. Also, a 1992 NFL schedule from United Way, vg-ex, Art Monk on the cover. University of Texas football receives cover attention and a six-page article in the Dec. 14, 1970 issue of “Sports Illustrated.” The pages have water stains at the top; otherwise, the magazine has a vg+ appearance.
Winning Bid $10     

Lot 493.  Football Books: “Necessary Roughness,” John Madden’s “One Knee Equals Two Feet,” 4 More. Mike Trope wrote “Necessary Roughness,” which is unofficially subtitled “The Other Game of Football Exposed By Its Most Controversial Superagent.” This 1987 apparent first edition hardback is nm in a vg-ex dust jacket. Madden’s book, written with Dave Anderson, is officially subtitled “And Everything Else You Need to Know About Football,” stated first edition, 1986, ex hardback and dj. The other books are: “Ronald Encyclopedia of Football” by Harold Claassen, 1960 hardback, vg-ex book, g dj. This 836-page volume is loaded with college and NFL records and other information. An excellent reference. “Football: Facts and Figures” by Dr. L. H. Baker, 1945 hardback, vg-ex, dj missing. Another 600+ pages of football history, records and information. “NFL Official Illustrated Digest 1968 Edition” by Don Smith and Ed Croke, 1968 first printing, g-vg softcover, complete, well illustrated with photos of key players for each team. And “Pro Football 1969” by Jack Zanger, 1969 first printing, g-vg softcover, complete.
Minimum Bid $10     

Lot 494.  8 Pittsburgh Area Football Banquet and Testimonial Programs and 2 Letters to Chet Smith. Smith was the highly regarded sports editor of the “Pittsburgh Press” from 1931-66. Three Curbstone Coaches Awards Banquet programs are in this collection, for Jan. 1961, Dec. 1961 and Jan. 1964. Each year, this organization honored Pittsburgh Steelers and college and high school players and coaches. The programs are vg with extensive notations in two of them. Individuals honored include Mike Ditka, Dick Hoak, Art Rooney, Big Daddy Lipscomb, Pete Dimperio, Buddy Dial and Myron Pottios. Smith was the toastmaster at all three of these events. The letters to him are from, in 1947, Thomas J. Herbert, the Governor of Ohio, and, in 1958, Charles Alvin Jones, Chief Justice of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. (Their signatures have not been authenticated.) Smith was the toastmaster at other events represented here. The other programs honor: 1. 1945, Mt. Lebanon Wildcats, undefeated in eight games, Smith as toastmaster with Pie Traynor participating, vg, extensive notations. 2. 1946, Lt. Richard J. Pitzer of Langley High, Connellsville High and Army’s 1944 and 1945 undefeated teams, vg-ex. 3. 1947, Springdale High School, W.P.I.A.L. Class A champion, vg+. 4. 1949, Lou Kusserow of Glassport and an All-American at Columbia, vg-ex. 5. 1968, Louis Nemec, Penn Hills football coach, vg. Also, a Pittsburgh Builders 1953 program; a flyer for a 1940 surprise birthday party for Lawrence J. Fagan, “Pittsburgh Press” city editor, 1930-60, and Curbstone Coaches membership cards for 1969 and 1970.
Winning Bid $10     

Lot 495.  7 Different Hardback Books on NFL Players and Teams. Random House published these books in the 1960s-70s as part of series of at least 17 directed toward teenage readers. Each book was issued without a dust jacket, has a color photo or illustration on the cover and is extensively illustrated. All but one contains at least 170 pages, and they average ex. Here is complete list: 1. “Great Quarterbacks of the NFL,” Dave Anderson, 1965. 2. “Championship Teams of the NFL,” Phil Berger, 1968. 3. “Super Bowl! Exciting accounts of pro football’s championship games,” John Devaney, 1971. 4. “Strange But True Football Stories,” Zander Hollander, 1967. 5. “Star Running Backs of the NFL,” Bill Libby, 1971. 6. “Star Quarterbacks of the NFL,” Bill Libby, 1970. 7. “The Big Play,” Harold Rosenthal, 1965. Among the players profiled are Joe Namath, Leroy Kelly, Gale Sayers, Jerry Kramer, Bronko Nagurski, Johnny Unitas and “Wrong-Way Runners.”
Minimum Bid $15     

Lot 496.  Baltimore Colts Full-Sized Pennant Dated 1967. The pennant presents a white helmet and lettering on a blue field. The date is below the NFL logo. The pennant is ex+ to ex-m with wear at the bottom of the stripe, very slight rounding at the tip and three small pin holes.
Winning Bid $10     

Lot 497.  1975 Shindana Toys O. J. Simpson “Super Pro” Action Figure. Simpson’s uniform includes shoes, socks, pants, jersey and helmet. The figure is articulated at the shoulders, elbows, hips, knees and ankles and can easily be moved from a standing to sitting position. The box, running suit, football and other items are absent. The 9.5” figure itself is ex-m to nm, and the uniform is ex+. In 1975, Simpson was the NFL rushing leader and an All-Pro. He entered the Pro Hall of Fame in 1985.
Winning Bid $20     

Lot 498.  22 “SI” with Football Covers, 1968-85 – Pro and College Issues, Super Bowl Coverage, Etc. For football aficionados, we offer here a nice group of “Sports Illustrated” issues featuring the following pro football greats on the cover: 1968 Don Meredith, 1968 Bob Brown and Forrest Gregg, 1970 Dick Butkus, 1972 Steve Spurrier, 1973 and 1974 Larry Csonka (Super Bowl coverage in 1974), 1976 Lynn Swann, Super Bowl coverage, with Swann’s classic catch over Mark Washington, and 1982 Walter Payton. College covers include 1969 Woody Hayes Ohio State, 1969 Georgia Bulldogs, 1969 and 1970 Texas Longhorns, 1970 Archie Manning Ole Miss, 1970 Colorado, 1972 Bob Devaney Nebraska, 1974 Archie Griffin Ohio State, 1974 Tom Clements Notre Dame, 1974 Oklahoma Sooners, 1974 Anthony Davis USC, 1982 Herschel Walker Georgia Bulldogs, 1985 D.J. Dozier Penn State, 1985 Bo Jackson Auburn. All of these issues but one has a mailing label; the label has been removed from the issue with Dozier. They are approximately evenly divided between vg-ex and ex, with a few grading higher, and a few lower.
Minimum Bid $25     

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