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Comics - Marvel, DC, Independent Plus a Signed Poster

  14 Lots      

Lot 760.  “R. Crum Sketchbook: November 1974 to January 1978.” This 1978 hardbound book presents more than 300 pages of Crumb’s cartoons. Robert Crumb was a leader of the underground comic movement of the 1960s. His “Zap Comix” was the first successful underground publication. He introduced such characters as Fritz the Cat, Mr. Natural and Bobo Bolionski. Much of his work was published in “Weirdo” magazine. He is in the Will Eisner Comic Book Hall of Fame. The “Sketchbook,” a 1978 first edition, was printed in Germany. Since Crum’s cartoon characters speak English, the book comes with a German translation insert. The book is near fine with a slipcase.
Winning Bid $35     

Lot 761.  10 Issues of “The Amazing Spider-Man,” No. 117-190. These issues span Feb. 1973 – March 1979. Issue #117, Feb. 1973, “The Deadly Designs of the Disruptor” - is the first appearance of the Disruptor, vg. #137, Oct. 1974 – “The Green Goblin Strikes” - features a great cover of both the villain and the hero, fn+. #153, Feb. 1976, “The Deadliest Hundred Yards,” centers on a football game and has a great Evel Knievel ad on the back cover, (“vo111175” in light ink on the front; otherwise) vf. #156, May 1976, “On a Clear Day You Can See … the Mirage!” - introducing the Murderous Mirage, fn. #159, Aug. 1976, “Arm in Arm with Doctor Octopus” - nice Rick Barry Spalding basketball ad on the inside front cover, vf+. #165, Feb. 1977, “Stegron Stalks the City!” - excellent Six Million Dollar Man action figure ad inside the front cover, vg+. #166, March 1977, “War of the Reptile-Men” - cool King Kong movie ad inside the front cover, vg+. #172, Sept. 1977, “The Fiend from the Fire!” vf. #184, Sept. 1978, “White Dragon! Red Death! A Brand New Foe Sends Spidey to a Flaming End!!” (date stamped on the upper right outer edge of the back cover; otherwise) nm. #190, March 1979, “In Search of the Man-Wolf,” with an “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” ad inside the front cover, vf+. This lot is a fantastic voyage with Stan Lee’s Spider-Man through the 1970s.
Winning Bid $50     

Lot 762.  10 Comics Featuring Spider-Man. Seven are from Marvel’s “The Amazing Spider-Man” series, including Annuals: No. 22 for 1988, nm- 9.2 to nm 9.4; No. 23 for 1989, fine 6.0, and No. 25 for 1991, nm- 9.2 to nm 9.4. No. 22 features the first appearance of Speedball and guest stars Daredevil. No. 23, part of the “Atlantis Attacks” series, retells the story of Spider-Man’s origin and has an appearance by She-Hulk. Iron Man appears is Annual 25, which presents the first Venom solo story. The four regular editions are No. 234 (Nov. 1982, includes a guide to collecting comics), nm- 9.2 to nm 9.4; No. 249 (Feb. 1984, begins a three-part battle with Hobgoblin and retells the origin and death of the first Green Goblin), nm- 9.2 to nm 9.4; No. 253 (June 1984, first appearance of The Rose), nm/m 9.8; and No. 258 (Nov. 1984, Hobgoblin appearance), nm/m 9.8. Spidey is also the star of “Spider-Man Unlimited,” No. 1 (May 1993, begins the “Maximum Carnage” storyline), nm/m 9.8; No. 3 (Nov. 1993, Doctor Octopus cover) vg+ 4.5; and “Spider-Man: The Mutant Agenda,” No. 0 (Feb. 1994, provides the origin of Spidey, crosses over with a newspaper strip), fine 6.0.
Winning Bid $61     

Lot 763.  8 Spider-Man Comics – 6 “Peter Parker” and 2 “Spidey.” The “Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man” issues are No. 4 fine, 9 very fine (with a Spalding ad featuring Rick Barry and Dr. J on the back cover), 11 nm, 12 fine (with the Barry-Dr. J ad), 18 very fine (Johnny Bench Hillerich & Bradsby ad on the back cover) and 23 fine from March 1977 - Oct. 1978. The “Spidy Super Stories,” presented by Marvel Comics and the Electric Company, are #28 vg and #29 fine from Nov. and Dec. 1977, respectively. Issues of note include the first appearance of White Tiger in #9, and of Sinister Six and Brother Power in #12.
Winning Bid $25     

Lot 764.  6 Marvel Comics Featuring Iron Man (No. 4), Batman, Superman, Metamorpho and Others. These comics are from five different series or titles: “Justice League,” No. 52, March 1967, very fine. “The Invincible Iron Man,” No. 4, Aug. 1968, fine. “The Brave and the Bold: Batman and Metamorpho,” No. 101, Apr-May 1972, fine. “Detective Comics” with Batman, No. 546, Jan. 1985 nm, and No. 612, March 1990, first appearance of the new-look Cat-Man and an appearance by Catwoman, nm. And “Batman,” No. 472, Dec. 1991, nm.
Winning Bid $40     

Lot 765.  9 Marvel Comics – Alpha Flight, Daredevil, Fantastic Four, Ghost Rider, Hulk and Sleepwalker. “Alpha Flight” is represented by its inaugural issue, No. 1, Aug. 1983, “exploding from the pages of the X-Men!” Nm- 9.2 to nm 9.4 first issue. So is “Sleepwalker,” No. 1, June 1991, also nm- 9.2 to nm 9.4. Two “Daredevil” editions are present: No. 183, nm+ 9.6 to nm/m 9.8, and 184 June-July, 1982, nm- 9.2 to nm 9.4. Both have appearances by the Punisher. There are two “Fantastic Four” comics, No. 258 (Sept. 1983, promoted as “perhaps the strangest issue ever of the Fantastic Four!”) vg 4.0 and No. 358, the “Triple Sized 30th Anniversary Spectacular!! (Nov. 1991, recounts the history of the Fantastic Four), nm- 9.2 to nm 9.4. These two issues are accompanied by the “Fantastic Four Roast,” a May 1982 one-shot that celebrates the 20th anniversary of the first Fantastic Four comic, nm+ 9.6 to nm/m 9.8. Also: “Ghost Rider.” Vol. 2, No. 15 (July 1991, glow-in-the-dark cover), nm- 9.2 to nm 9.4. And “The Incredible Hulk,” No. 410 (Oct. 1993), nm+ 9.6 to nm/m 9.8.
Winning Bid $20     

Lot 766.  9 Marvel Comics – Silver Sable, Silver Surfer, the New Warrior, Daredevil and Others. 1. “Silver Sable and the Wild Pack,” No. 6 (Nov. 1992, Deathlock story), nm+ 9.6 to nm/m 9.8. 2-4. “The Silver Surfer,” Annual No. 1 (1988, “Evolutionary War” with Super-Skrull, Nova short), nm- 9.2 to nm 9.4. Vol. 3, No. 63 (March 1992, Captain Marvel appearance), 2 copies, both nm- 9.2 to nm 9.4. 5. “The New Warriors,” Annual No. 1 (1991, origins of all members, third appearance of X-Force), nm+ 9.6 to nm/m 9.8. 6. “Daredevil” No. 183 (June 1982, appearance by the Punisher), fine 6.0. 7. “The Secret Defenders” No. 1 (1993, red foil cover with Dr. Strange, Nomad, Wolverine, Spider Woman and Darkhawk), nm+ 9.6 to nm/m 9.8. 8. “The New Mutants,” No. 21 (Nov. 1984, double-sized issue with the origin of Warlock), nm- 9.2 to nm 9.4. 9. “X-Men and the Micronauts,” No. 1 (Jan. 1984, four-issue limited series), nm- 9.2 to nm 9.4.
Winning Bid $10     

Lot 767.  8 Marvel Comics – X Factor, X-Force and X-Men. “X-Force” comics No. 1 and 2 headline this little collection. The inaugural issue, from Aug. 1991, was sold in a special polybag that remains sealed, along with a Marvel Universe card of Sunspot & Gideon. Mint 9.9 to gem mint 10.0. A Deadpool story begins in the second issue, from Sept. 1991, nm+ 9.6 to nm/m 9.8. The “X-Factor comic is No. 67 from June 1991. Baby Nathan and the Inhumans both make appearances, nm- 9.2 to nm 9.4. Five “X-Men” editions are being offered: No. 281 (Oct. 1991, a new team begins, including Storm, Archangel, Colossus, Iceman and Marvel Girl; wraparound cover), nm+ 9.6 to nm/m 9.8. No. 284 (Jan. 1992, John Byrne “Into the Void” story), nm+ 9.6 to nm/m 9.8. No. 286 (March 1992), fine 6.0, and No. 287 (April 1992), nm+ 9.6 to nm/m 9.8; these two editions have Jim Lee plots. Also, “X-Men and the Micronauts,” No. 1 (Jan. 1984, four-issue limited series), nm- 9.2 to nm 9.4.
Minimum Bid $20     

Lot 768.  7 Marvel “New Mutants” Comics Plus Wolverine and the Punisher. Two “New Mutants” comics are Annuals, No. 5 for 1989, nm+ 9.6 to nm/m 9.8, and No. 6 for 1990, nm- 9.2 to nm 9.4. The 1989 edition is part of the “Atlantis Attacks” series and marks Rob Liefeld’s first work with the title. In the 1990 Annual, Liefeld introduces new costumes for the characters, and Shatterstar, of “X-Force,” makes a brief appearance. The monthly issues are: No. 21 (Nov. 1984, double-sized issue with the origin of Warlock) nm- 9.2 to nm 9.4. No. 58 (Dec. 1987, (with a pull-out “Mutant Registration Form”), nm- 9.2 to nm 9.4. No. 76 (June 1989, X-Factor and X-Terminator appear), nm- 9.2 to nm 9.4. And No. 77 (July 1989), nm- 9.2 to nm 9.4. The three other comics feature the Punisher, Wolverine, or both. “The Punisher” No. 57, from Dec. 1991, has an outer two-tone cover and then a standard cover with a photo instead of artwork for a seven-part storyline, “The Final Days of the Punisher,” nm+ 9.6 to nm/m 9.8. “Wolverine” has a cover for No. 73 (Sept. 1993), nm- 9.2 to nm 9.4. Wolverine and the Punisher both appear in the 1993 three-part limited series “Damaging Evidence.” No. 1 for Oct. 1993. It grades nm- 9.2 to nm 9.4.
Minimum Bid $15     

Lot 769.  8 DC Comics Featuring Batman. Two comics - from Aug. 1990, No. 452, very fine/nm 9.0, and No. 453, nm- 9.2 to nm 9.4 - are Parts 1 and 2 of the “Dark Knight Dark City” three-part series. The story includes an appearance by the Riddler. In “Batman” No. 484 from Sept. 1992, very fine/nm 9.0, Batman and Riddler are antagonists again in a three-part limited series, “Batman: run, Riddler, run.” No. 484 contains part three. Batman confronts Jack the Ripper in a 1989 one-shot, “Gotham by Gaslight: A Tale of the Batman,” nm/m 9.8. Four “Detective Comics” editions have Batman covers and stories: No. 599 (April 1989), nm/m 9.8. No. 603 (Aug. 1989), very fine/nm 9.0. No. 604 (1989, part 1 of 4, Mud Pack storyline, Batman color mini-poster inside), fine+ 6.5. And No. 606 (1989, part 3 of 4, Mud Pack story), very fine- 7.5.
Minimum Bid $15     

Lot 770.  10 DC Comics – “Tales of the Teen Titans,” “New Titans,” “Sovereign Seven,” Etc. Three issues provide “Tales of the Teen Titans”: No. 44 (July 1984, part 3 of “The Judas Contract” storyline, which includes Deathstroke the Terminator, whose origin is described) nm+ 9.6 to nm/m 9.8. No. 54 (June 1985, Deathstroke story), nm- 9.2 to nm 9.4. No. 55 (July 1985, Deathstroke story continues), nm- 9.2 to nm 9.4. “The New Titans” are the subjects of three additional comics: No. 60 (Nov. 1989, “A Lonely Place of Dying” continues from “Batman” No. 440; appearance by Timothy Drake), nm- 9.2 to nm 9.4. No. 70 (Oct. 1990, Deathstroke cover and story), nm- 9.2 to nm 9.4. And No. 71 (Nov. 1990, 10th anniversary issue), nm- 9.2 to nm 9.4. Also: “The New Teen Titans,” No. 39 (Feb. 1984, last issue with Dick Grayson as Robin), nm- 9.2 to nm 9.4. “History of the DC Universe: Book Two,” (Nov. 1986, written by Marv Wolfman with George Perez as the penciller), nm- 9.2 to nm 9.4. “Crisis of Infinite Earths,” No. 9 (Dec. 1985, ninth in a 12-part “maxi series”), nm- 9.2 to nm 9.4. And “Sovereign Seven” No. 1 (July 1995, begins with “It was a Dark and Stormy Night….”; Snoopy is not in the credits), nm+ 9.6 to nm/m 9.8.
Winning Bid $10     

Lot 771.  10 DC Comics – 5 Featuring Superman, Others with Supergirl, Teen Titans, Hawk & Dove. Four Superman comics are from 1993: “The Adventures of Superman,” No. 500 (Jan. 1993, Collector’s Edition, still sealed in a special polybag with a removable translucent cover and a SkyBox “Bloodlines” trading card), nm/m 9.8. “Superman,” No. 77 Second Series (March 1993, “Funeral for a Friend” Part 8), ”), nm- 9.2 to nm 9.4. “Superman: The Man of Steel,” No. 22 (June 1993, die-cut cover, “Man of Steel” poster inside), nm/m 9.8. “Superman,” No. 82 Second Series (Oct. 1993, Collector’s Edition with chromium cover, real Superman revealed), nm/m 9.8. The “Superman Time and Time Again” series is captured in a 206-page 1994 softcover book, nm/m 9.8. This series appeared in several DC titles. Supergirl appears in “Action Comics” No. 686 (Feb. 1993, Part 6 of “Funeral for a Friend”), nm/m 9.8. Also: “History of the DC Universe: Book Two,” (Nov. 1986, written by Marv Wolfman with George Perez as the penciller), nm/m 9.8. “The New Teen Titans,” No. 39 (Feb. 1984, last issue with Dick Grayson as Robin), nm- 9.2 to nm 9.4. “Tales of the Teen Titans,” No. 54 (June 1985, Deathstroke story), nm- 9.2 to nm 9.4. And “Hawk & Dove,” No. 10 (March 1990), nm- 9.2 to nm 9.4.
Winning Bid $15     

Lot 772.  Deathmate, Magic, Megaton (by Erik Larsen) and Warriors of Plasm Comics. 1. “Deathmate,” Valiant/Image Comics, Oct. 1993, blue foil, nm- 9.2 to nm 9.4. 2-3. “Magic: The Gathering,” Armada Comics, No. 2 (Aug. 1995), nm- 9.2 to nm 9.4, and No. 4 (Oct. 1995, with tokens and counters), nm/m 9.8. Both contain “The Shadow Image” storyline. 4-5. “Megaton,” No. 1 (1983, Erik Larsen’s first professional work), nm/m 9.8, and No. 2 (Oct. 1985, plot and art by Larsen), from Megaton Comics, black & white illustrations. Scarce. Nm 9.4. And 6. “Warriors of Plasm,” No. 1, Defiant Comics, Aug. 1993, written by Jim Shooter and drawn by David Lapham. nm- 9.2 to nm 9.4.
Winning Bid $20     

Lot 773.  Golden Realm Unlimited Poster Signed by Matt Lunsford, Jose Calderon and Daphne Lage. In the early 1990s, these three fantasy and cartoon artists created “a new age of comics” and self-published six series, including “Tall Tails,” “Dream Weavers,” “Reever” and “Revelations.” Apparently “Tall Tails” continues with Lage creating the artwork, and Calderon writing the fantasy adventure stories. Close up, the 14” x 17”color poster shows two fold lines and small, minor creases. It displays well, and the autographs of these creative fantasy cartoonists and illustrators are bold in black and mint 9.
Minimum Bid $20     

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