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Baseball Photographs

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Lot 323.  2 Late 19th-Early 20th Century Baseball Cabinet Cards. The first features a boy wearing a catcher’s mitt. He is in full uniform, including quilted pants, which suggest the late 1800s. The cabinet measures 4 ¾” x 8 ½”, and the photo is within an oval approximately 3” x 5 ½”. The photo remains very displayable with a number of scratches. F-g. The second cabinet, 6” x 9”, shows a young man, a southpaw, preparing to pitch. His uniform suggests the early 1900s. The photo, approximately 3 ¾” x 5 ½”, is nm-m on an ex cabinet.
Winning Bid $30     

Lot 336.  “The Art of Pitching” Booklet by Lon Warneke Plus a Unique Warneke Photo. The 15-page booklet, which measures approximately 2 5/8” x 2 5/8”, has a photo on the front cover of Warneke pitching. Distributed by Montgomery Ward & Co., the booklet is vg-ex to ex. In the 4” x 6” black & white photo, which is dated May 1937 on the back, Warneke smokes a cigarette while holding a fishing rod in one hand and a line of fish in the other. He is shown with two other successful fishermen. Technically vg-ex with a couple of border creases and tiny edge tears, the photo is a beauty – both the image quality and the content. Warneke was a five-time All-Star who pitched for the Cubs and Cardinals in a period spanning 1930-45. He died in 1976.
Winning Bid $30     

Lot 358.  Early 1900s Original Photo with Mordecai Brown, Johnny Evers and 3 Other Cubs. This 5” x 7” black and white photo, which has a horizontal crease, is well focused with excellent contrast. Brown is shown in the driver’s seat of a period automobile with Evers in the passenger seat. Three other Cubs are present and in uniform. Weeghman Park is in the background.
Winning Bid $366     

Lot 359.  4 1934 Acme Newspictures Photos Featuring Dizzy Dean and His Brother Daffy. These photos, all different, each have the Acme Newspictures stamp on the back, and three have Acme captions. Three are related to the 1934 World Series between the St. Louis Cardinals and Detroit Tigers. 1. In a 7” x 9” photo, Dizzy and Paul (Daffy) hold caps above their heads. A caption dated 10-1-34 notes that Dizzy has just beaten the Reds to capture the N.L. pennant for St. Louis. Ex with minor editing marks. 2. Dizzy and Daffy at Spring Training in Bradenton, FL. The 6” x 8” photo has been edited for newspaper reproduction. Ex. 3. Daffy and Dizzy, apparently kissing a baseball. The 7” x 9” photo is dated 10-13-34 on the back. It might actually have been taken after the Oct. 9 World Series game, in which the Cardinals captured the 1934 World Championship behind Dizzy’s shutout pitching. Ex-m photo with minor edit marks. 4. Dizzy extends his pitching arm as Paul watches. Dated 10-1-34, the 7” x 9” photo is titled “Tiger Tamers.” Ex+. “Tiger Tamers” is exactly what Dizzy and Paul were against Detroit. With two wins each, the Dean brothers were the winning pitchers in all four of the Cardinals’ World Series victories. These quality photos are great mementoes of the Gashouse Gang and the 1934 World Series.
Winning Bid $225     

Lot 360.  1939, 1941 Newspaper File Photos of Paul and Lloyd Waner. In an 8” x 9” photo from an unidentified newspaper dated May 15, 1941, the Waner brothers, as Pittsburgh Pirates, look out from a dugout. They play cards in a 6.5” x 8.5” Philadelphia Record photo from Sept. 1, 1939. The 1941 photo shows newspaper editing which indicates that the newspaper used only Paul’s image. A caption on the back simply says “Paul Waner - An ex-Dodger, who soon may be a Phil.” Near the end of his career, Waner was released by the Pirates at the end of the 1940 season. He signed with the Dodgers Jan. 31, 1941, and they released him on May 11. Instead of joining the Phils, however, Waner signed with the Boston Braves on May 24. Editing aside, the photo is ex with a couple of small edge creases. The 1939 photo has newspaper edit marks, primarily at the edges, and a filing label. They could by matted out in displaying the photo, which is technically g-vg but looks better. The photo as used in the newspaper and a caption are on the back. Both Waners had Hall of Fame careers as outfielders. Paul was inducted at Cooperstown in 1952, and Lloyd, in 1967.
Winning Bid $273     

Lot 361.  1940 Acme Newspictures Photo Featuring Dizzy Dean with the Tulsa Oilers. Because of an ailing arm, Dean was sent by the Chicago Cubs to play for Tulsa. A caption dated 6-10-40 and glued to the back of the photo is headlined “Dizzy Dean Scores Minor Victory.” It reports that “Using his new side-arm delivery, Dizzy scored a 6 hit, 5 to 4 victory on his first assignment.” The 7” x 9” photo is sharp with excellent contrast. Ex+. “Acme Newspictures” is stamped on the back.
Winning Bid $30     

Lot 362.  1944 Wire Photo of Shirley Jameson, All-American Girls Professional Baseball League. This 7” x 9” Acme Newsphoto shows Jameson in uniform practicing at Wrigley Field. She played for the Kenosha Comets 1943-1946. In 1943, she was selected for the All-Star team and led the league in stolen bases with 126. In 1944 she twice stole seven bases in a single game. Jameson, along with the rest of the AAGPBL players, is now enshrined in a permanent display at the Baseball Hall of Fame. This photo has the Acme stamp on the back and a caption dated 5-5-44. The photo is ex. Original items featuring All-American Girls Professional Baseball League players are rare.
Winning Bid $92     

Lot 363.  Martin Dihigo (HoF) Original B&W Vintage Photo. Late 1950s to early 1960s photo showing Dihigo (second from the right) in street clothes posing with Clemente Carrera, Ramon Heredia, Roberto Ortiz and Sandy Consuegra—in Cuba. Dihigo was probably the greatest Cuban player of all time. Johnny Mize said Dihigo was the greatest player he ever saw. He was the first Cuban elected to the Hall of Fame. The photo has some creases and a tiny tear along the top edge; vg-ex, looks better. A nice and unique image!
Winning Bid $35     

Lot 364.  52 New York Mets Photos from 1962-1963. Three photos are original Kodak 3.5” x 3.5” color shots, dated May 1962, from a Mets game at the Polo Grounds. Two are action shots. The third shows Rogers Hornsby (#53), Solly Hemus (#52) and Sherman Jones (#36). Most of the collection comprises 47 photos (46 different), each 8” x 10”, issued by the team in 1962-63: Craig Anderson, Richie Ashburn, Gus Bell, Ed Bouchee, Elio Chacon, Harry Chiti, Joe Christopher, Choo Choo Coleman, Galen Cisco, Roger Craig (2), Ray Daviault, John DeMerit, Jesse Gonder, Tim Harkness, Solly Hemus, Jim Hickman, Joe Hicks, Dave Hillman, Gil Hodges, Jay Hook, Rogers Hornsby, Ron Hunt, Sherman Jones, Al Jackson, Rod Kanehl, Red Kress, Hobie Landrith, Cookie Lavagetto, Felix Mantilla, Ken MacKenzie, Jim Marshall, Bob Miller (righty), Herb Moford, Bob Moorhead, Charlie Neal, Grover Powell, Don Rowe, Red Ruffing, Ted Schreiber, Norm Sherry, Duke Snider, Tracy Stallard, Casey Stengel, Sammy Taylor, Frank Thomas and Don Zimmer. Also included are one 8” x10” photo of the 1962 team and an 8 x10 of a dog posing on the pitcher’s mound of the Polo Grounds, apparently after a Reds-Mets game. The photos are somewhat curved at the top and bottom and average vg-ex. Fourteen have staple holes at the top, and slightly more than one-half exhibit some toning. They constitute a good start on a comprehensive Mets photo collection.
Winning Bid $301     

Lot 365.  12 Different Color Photos of Carl Yastrzemski. Five photos of the Boston Red Sox Hall of Fame favorite are 8” x 10”, one is 3 ½” x 5 ¼” and six are 3 ½” x 5”. One of the 8” x 10” photos bears a facsimile autograph. The photos are exceptionally nice and nm to nm-m.
Winning Bid $20     

Lot 366.  5 Different Photos of Babe Ruth from the Inside Covers of “Baseball Magazine. For many years “Baseball Magazine” featured full-page photos of Major League baseball players on its inside front and back covers. Inside the Aug. 1928 front cover, Ruth holds a bat. Below is this caption: Babe Ruth who is breaking his own great record with the New York Yankees.” Vg+ to ex photo. Also: Circa 1933, inside back cover, Ruth on the dugout steps holding a bat with multiple bats in front of him; “Babe Ruth, star of many World’s Series, still hopes for one more chance.” Vg photo. June 1935: “The brilliant showman of the Boston Braves, ‘Rabbit’ Maranville and Babe Ruth.” Ex photo. July 1939: Close-up of Ruth in uniform with the caption “’Babe’ Ruth.” G+ to vg. And Oct. 1943: “A pair of famous home run sluggers get together, Babe Ruth and Ted Williams.” Williams appears in his military uniform lighting a cigar for Ruth, who is shown in civilian clothes holding a baseball. Vg+ to ex. Note: Grades are for only the photo side of the page.
Winning Bid $35     

Lot 367.  2 Different Photos of Lou Gehrig from Inside Back Covers of “Baseball Magazine. The first, from Jan. 1927, shows Gehrig reaching high to catch a ball. There is no caption except for his name. Vg photo, with C. M. Conlon identified as the photographer. In the second photo, from Dec. 1928, Gehrig poses with a bat on his shoulder. The captions says Lou Gehrig, who batted .545, and drove in nine runs in the recent World’s Series.” Vg-ex photo. Please note that grades are for only the photo side of the page.
Winning Bid $15     

Lot 368.  “Baseball Magazine” Cover and Inside-Cover Photos of Ruth, Gehrig and DiMaggio. Babe Ruth is shown once in this collection, Lou Gehrig, three times, and Joe DiMaggio, twice. These New York Yankees’ Hall of Fame stars are on three front covers and three photos inside a cover. The front covers are: Oct. 1921, illustration of Babe Ruth by Benton Henderson Clark, a widely respected Ohio artist who specialized in Western art. The full-color cover shows Ruth following through on his swing and beginning to run the base path. April 1935, a black & white head and shoulders photo of a smiling Lou Gehrig. Aug. 1939, Gehrig sitting on the dugout steps, b&w photo. The inside-cover photos, all b&w, are: March 1932, Lou Gehrig holding a bat with the caption “Lou Gehrig, Yankee star, whose formidable stickwork was a feature of 1931.” July 1936, Joe DiMaggio holding a bat, “Jolting Joe DiMaggio of the Yankees, the year’s most talked about rookie.” And Jan. 1942, DiMaggio, following through with his swing, “Joe DiMaggio, voted the Most Valuable Player in the American League for 1941.” The Aug. 1939 cover with Gehrig has a photo of Wee Willie Keeler on the inside. These covers and photos range from g to vg on the side with the Yankee photo.
Winning Bid $25     

Lot 369.  53 Different “Baseball Magazine” Inside Cover Photos Loaded with HoFers. All of the photos are black & white. The players are: Baker, Bancroft with McGraw, Berra, Cochrane, Cochrane with McCarthy, Cronin (3), Crosetti, Detroit Tigers team (2) (including Averill, Cochrane, Gehringer and Greenberg), Dickey, Dickey with Gehrig and Umpire Hubbard, Durocher, Ferrell (2), Foxx (2), Ford, Gehringer, Gomez, Greenberg (2), Hornsby with Sisler, Hubbell, W. Johnson (3), W. Johnson with Vance, Kiner, Lazzeri, A. Lopez, Mack, Manush, Mathewson, McGraw with Bancroft, Medwick, Mize, New York Giants team (3, players include Hubbell, O’Doul, Ott and Terry), New York Yankees team (4, players include Dickey, DiMaggio, Durocher, Gehrig, Gomez, Henrich, Lazzeri, McCarthy, Ruffing and Ruth), Philadelphia A’s team (includes Cochrane, Foxx, Grove, Mack and Simmons), Rizzuto, Ruth, Schoendienst, Terry, Traynor (2), Vaughan and Washington team (with Cronin, Griffith and Manush). The photos average g-vg.
Winning Bid $92     

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