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Baseball Memorabilia - Various Collectibles

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Lot 20.  Scarce Circa 1973 Roberto Clemente Figural Chalkware Bank by Ivo Zini. Widely regarded as one of baseball’s best 25 players, Clemente is presented in a Pittsburgh Pirates jersey and cap in this bust, which is 12” tall and across. This is the full-color version of the bank, which is considerably less common than the bronze version liberally produced in the 1980s. The bank displays well and is in comparatively strong condition for this issue. The bill of Clemente’s cap has been repaired at the front of the left side. A tiny chip and scratch are visible on his right cheek, and a half-dozen other tiny chips are visible elsewhere. The bottom right of the “2” in his uniform number has a very small chip. These conditions are not readily observable, and their effect on the sculpture’s appearance is minimal. How many of these banks were made is unclear. “Forty” seems to be the most common guesstimate. Whatever the number, they are the creation of Pittsburgh art nouveau art deco sculptor and artist Ivo Zini, whose name and “73” are on the back of Clemente’s left shoulder. Besides creating sculptures and other art, Zini put his talents to work for 25 year designing cosmetic prostheses for individuals affected by extensive surgery for head and neck tumors. He died in 2008. Zini’s sculpture honoring the Pittsburgh Pirates’ star outfielder will make an excellent addition to a Clemente collection and display.
Winning Bid $1,017     

Lot 238.  Impressive, Informative, Entertaining 1932-40 World Series Scrapbook. Two volumes make up this scrapbook, which contains more than 1,000 pages of photos, articles, opinion columns, illustrations - and a poem. Everything is from vintage newspapers, except for the score sheets. The young woman who assembled the scrapbook neatly scored at-bats using basic scoring techniques. The scrapbook covers the following World Series; the numbers in parentheses provide the total scrapbook pages devoted to the series: 1932 World Series - the Yankees swept the Cubs in 4 games (38 pages); 1933 - the Giants, 4 games, and the Senators, 1 (99 pages); 1934 - the Gashouse Gang Cardinals over the Tigers, 4 games to 3 (189 pages); 1935 - Tigers 4, Cubs 2 (121); 1936 - Yankees 4, Giants 2 (153); 1937 - Yankees 4, Giants 1 (118); 1938 - Yankees sweep the Cubs again (134); 1939 - another Yankees sweep, against the Reds (94); and 1940 - Reds 4, Tigers 3 (114 pages). Several thousand photos provide player portraits, game action, whole teams and even an analysis of a pitcher’s wind-up and delivery. For 1932, Babe Ruth is in six photos, and Lou Gehrig, 7. For 1936, Joe DiMaggio, who would have been Rookie of the Year had the award existed, appears in 17 photos. Lou Gehrig is pictured 10 times. Managers and team stars are shown for each year. Team photos are present for most series. Photo sizes vary widely. Almost all of these photo news clippings are black & white. Beginning in 1935, there are some color player photos, including Mickey Cochrane, Schoolboy Rowe, Carl Hubbell and Bill Terry. Articles and columns are by such notable writers as Damon Runyon, Grantland Rice, Paul Gallico, Joe Williams (“The New York World‐Telegram & The Sun”), Bill Corum (New York sports writer and, later, the Churchill Downs president credited with creating the “The Run for the Roses” slogan), Bob Considine, Hy Turkin (co-edited the first baseball encyclopedia), George Kirksey (UPI) and Charles Dunkley (AP). Rice also contributed the poem, titled “The Saga of the Deans.” These articles provide insights and details that don’t readily appear in an Internet search. Especially in 1934, numerous columns are attributed to World Series players, and some are controversial, entertaining or both. In one column, Cardinals shortstop Leo Durocher predicted the Gashouse Gang would defeat the Tigers in five games and, in the process, mocked two Detroit batters. (The Cardinals needed seven games.) In another, he harshly criticized umpire Brick Owen. In his column, Dizzy Dean described Hank Greenberg as “a nice kid” who “can hit a ball a long ways” and then invited him to his winter baseball school so “I can help him with his hitting and a lot of things. He’s too soft as a hitter.” A column attributed to Babe Ruth is headlined “Ruth Acclaims Dizzy (Dean) Hero of the Series.” Other columns are from Goose Goslin, Mickey Cochrane and Chas Gehringer. Scrapbook pages, especially from the mid-1930s, contain excellent cartoon-style illustrations by Hardin “Jack” Burnley and others. Burnley is recognized among comic collectors, although much of his work for DC Comics was uncredited. In 1940, for “World’s Fair Comics” #2, he created a cover with Superman, Batman and Robin appearing together for the first time. He also worked on Superman and Batman newspaper comic strips. More than 20 of his illustrations, depicting such stars as Babe Ruth, Mel Ott, Carl Hubbell and Joe Cronin, are in the scrapbook. A Willard Mullin 6.25” x 12” illustration of Hank Greenberg is among the 1935 clippings. Other cartoonists and illustrators include J. Wolter, Jack Sords, Reamer Keller and Burris Jenkins, Jr. The teams represented in the two volumes of this scrapbook are the Yankees, Giants, Senators, Cardinals, Tigers and Reds. A significant amount of Yankees material is present. They were the World Champions in five of the nine World Series. The scrapbook also has a Pittsburgh connection. Most clippings came from Pittsburgh newspapers. As a result, articles and columns are included by Harvey J. Boyle, “Post-Gazette” sports editor, and Chet Smith, “Pittsburgh Press” sports editor, and future editors, Al Abrams and Les Biederman. In addition, for a couple of World Series, Pittsburgh’s Honus Wagner provides brief comments and observations. Jack Berger, artist for the “Press,” created illustrations of Greenberg, Hubbell and several other players. Each scrapbook page is 7.5” x 14”. Together, the two volumes are almost 8” high. The earlier volume, which covers 1932-36, contains approximately 600 pages. Clippings are on only one side of each page. The 1937-40 volume has clippings on both sides of each scrapbook sheet. Each clipping is held in place with small pieces of tape, about 1/8” x ½”, at the corners or along the edges. The scrapbook sheets are somewhat brittle and have chips along the edges, while the clippings remain pliable. Hours of enjoyable reading and some uncommon baseball research material await the next owner of this unusual World Series scrapbook, which a young fan neatly completed more than eight decades ago.
Winning Bid $360     

Lot 239.  Early 1900s Sen-Sen Gum Perpetual Counter for Baseball. The front of the counter has movable numerical dials to indicate Runs, Hits and Errors by the Home and Visiting teams. The back has an advertisement for Sen-Sen Gum. Vg.
Winning Bid $45     

Lot 240.  Vintage Baseball Portraits – Grover Alexander, George Sisler, Hack Wilson, Swish Nicholson. Photos of Alexander and Sisler are from the pages of the “Police Gazette.” The same images were used for the tabloid’s 1901-17 supplements. The Alexander page, apparently from 1915, is 10 15/16” x 15.75” and has an 8 11/16” x 12 5/8” photo, which is free of creases or other defects. The page has a light crease in the upper left corner, one small edge chip, two small edge creases and seven small pieces of tape on the back. The Sisler page is 11 1/16” x 15.5” and f with a uneven top and left borders and multiple creases. Hack Wilson’s portrait is on the cover of the Sept. 13, 1930 “Mid-Week Pictorial,” 11 1/8” x 14 9/16”, p, defects could be matted out for framing, nice image of the “New Home-Run King.” Also, a 9.5” x 12” “Baseball Magazine” 1941 premium of William (Swish) Nicholson, f, corners reinforced on the back, image is clean with a single crease.
Winning Bid $61     

Lot 241.  "Baseball Magazine" Nov. 1916 “World Series Number” with Babe Ruth, Red Sox Pitcher. With a colorful illustration on the front cover, this issue is loaded with interesting baseball information on the World Series and other topics. Photos are abundant, showing Ruth as a Red Sox pitcher; Mordecai Brown and Christy Mathewson shaking hands; Ty Cobb; Jack Coombs and Wilbert Robinson; Harry Hooper and many more. Ruth is pictured on page 31 with a caption that reads “Babe Ruth of the Formidable Red Sox Pitching Staff.” There are articles on Jake Daubert; “Who Will Win the World’s Championship?”; Ray Schalk, “The American League’s Premier Catcher”; Grover Alexander; Harry Coveleskie; and “The Greatest Race in Baseball History.” In the 1916 World Series, Ruth and Red Sox beat the Brooklyn Robbins in five games. In Game 2, Ruth went the distance, beating Brooklyn 2-1 in 14 innings. In the first inning, he gave up an inside-the-park home run. After that, he pitched 13 scoreless innings and did not allow a hit after the eighth inning. He also drove in the tying run. The back cover of the magazine has been removed, and the front cover is g. The inside pages are vg-ex.
Winning Bid $201     

Lot 242.  2 1920s Issues of “Baseball Magazine” with Frank Frisch Covers and a Scrapbook. Captain of the New York Giants, Frisch is on the cover of the Aug. 1925 edition with Zack Wheat, new manager of the Brooklyn Dodgers. Frisch and Wheat are both Hall of Fame members, Frisch inducted in 1947, and Wheat, in 1959. On the June 1926 cover, Frisch is shown in batting practice with an unidentified catcher behind him. The 1925 issue has a vg appearance, complete with the cover intact. Closer examination reveals the remnants of scribbling throughout the cover that has been substantially erased. The pages are vg+ to ex with one article asking whether the lively baseball should be abolished and another on Gene Tunney as a potential “worthy opponent” for Jack Dempsey. The 1926 issue is g+ to vg with writing at the top outside the photo. There are articles on Max Carey, the decline of pitching, Mickey Cochrane and whether Rogers Hornsby can overtake Babe Ruth as a home run hitter. An accompanying scrapbook has more than 25 newspaper photos of baseball players, including Hal Newhouser and Dizzy Trout, Jimmie Foxx, Tommy Holmes, Phil Cavaretta and less well known players. The photos are glued in, and the pages are loose and relatively brittle. There also is a page with box scores for the first four games of the 1945 World Series and a two-page 1955 “Washington Star” article that looks at what some former baseball players were doing, including Cy Young, Gabby Harnett, Mel Ott and others. Seven former players are pictured.
Winning Bid $30     

Lot 243.  Ty Cobb Memorabilia - Photos, Books, Magazines, Advertisements, Etc. This collection consists of more than 60 items. Highlights include a photo of Cobb with Joe Jackson, a 1927 news photo of Cobb’s son, Cobb on the cover from the Jan. 1927 issue of “Baseball Magazine,” images of Charles Conlon’s famous 1910 photo of Cobb, and a Hillerich & Bradsby advertisement. In an 8” x 10” b&w photo of more recent vintage, Cobb, Jackson and Henry Heilmann talk, apparently before a game, ex-m. A Dec. 10, 1927 b&w 8” x 10” photo shows Ty Cobb Jr., with the runner-up, after he won the tennis championship of the Hun School, a boarding school at Princeton. The vg photo has a Wide World Photo stamp on the back and a caption titled “Son of Ty Cobb Prefers Racquet to Baseball Bat.” The younger Cobb became a medical doctor. The “Baseball Magazine” cover indicates that Cobb will be retiring. It is trimmed to slightly under 8” x 10” and displays as ex+ except for paper loss in each corner. Conlon’s photo of Cobb is on the cover of the 1940 “Baseball Register,” g-vg; on a 1963 postcard, ex+, postally used; and in a 1945 magazine advertisement, 5.5” x 14”, in which Cobb endorses Jockey underwear, vg-ex. And it’s in the 11.5” x 16” Louisville Slugger ad, which honors Cobb at his passing in 1961. Vg+. Cobb’s “Last Days” are the subject of first and final articles of three-part series by Al Stump taken from “Baseball Magazine.” Stump was Cobb’s companion during his last days. His story originally appeared in “True Magazine” as “Ty Cobb’s Wild 10-Month Fight to Live,” and it won the 1962 Best American Sport Story award. Here is a list of the other items: MAGAZINES, etc. – “The Georgia Peach,” article on Cobb in “Sport,” Nov. 1958, vg. Cobb is on the cover of the following – “Baseball Digest,” with Maury Wills, Feb. 1963, vg+. “Sports Scoop,” Aug. 1974, two-page article inside, vg+ to ex. “Baseball ’77,” Lou Brock also on the cover, two-page article on them, vg+ to ex. “Cincinnati Enquirer” Baseball ’85, Pete Rose also on the newspaper special section cover, ex-m. “Seagram’s 1993 Baseball Fan’s Guide,” with other players, vg-ex. “Tuff Stuff’s Collect,” Dec. ’93-Jan. ’94, vg-ex. “Tigers Magazine,” 1999, nm-m. “Beckett Vintage Sports Cards,” July 2003, ex-m+. Hunt Auctions catalog, July 2005, nm. MastroNet auction catalog, Dec. 2005, nm-m. COBB’S LEGACY – Various brochures, flyers and information. “Ty Cobb Healthcare System, Inc.” and information on the hospital Cobb created in 1950, 2 copies, ex-m. “Cobb Fact Sheet” (3), nm. “Ty Cobb Museum” brochure (7), nm. “Ty Cobb Scholarship Program 2006-2007” brochure (5), nm. PHOTOS – All relatively recent prints with Cobb in uniform. An apparent second-generation negative with Cobb holding a bat, offset prints on paper in two different sizes, vg-ex. The others are glossy prints. Sepia 6.5” x 10” print of Cobb in front of the Tigers’ dugout, nm-m. Cobb in a batting pose, 7.5” x 10.5”, nm-m. Cobb relaxing and smiling, 8” x 10”, ex, mounted on stiff paper. Also, an11” x 13” color offset print showing Cobb memorabilia, 1993 Estate of Ty Cobb, vg+. BOOKS – “Ty Cobb” by Charles Alexander, 1984 first edition softcover, ex. “Ty Cobb” by Norman Macht, 1993 Baseball Legends hardback, no dust jacket, vg+ to ex. “Cobb” by Al Stump, 1994 ex-library hardback, p. “Ty Cobb: His Tumultuous Life and Times,” Ricard Bak, 1994 first edition, ex-library, f+ to g book, vg dj. CARDS – Eight newer cards, including four (three different) from Upper Deck’s 1993 reprint of 1912 T202 Hassan Triple Folders; a reprint of Cobb’s 1933 Sport Kings card; a sheet of four “All-Time All-Stars,” including Cobb, published in 1987 by Houghton Mifflin; a 1993 Cadaco game card; and Cobb’s 1984 Donruss Grand Champions card. Five cards are nm or better; the others range from vg+ to ex to ex-m. ALSO: A 1952 “Life” magazine article by Cobb titled “Tricks That Won Me Ball Games.” A flyer promoting the “Baseball Research Journal.” A copy of a Bob Parker 1914 cartoon featuring Cobb and Eddie Collins. A 1993 calendar page with a photo of Cobb’s T205 portrait card. And several miscellaneous photos and a 1952 ad for Gene Schoor’s book on Cobb.
Winning Bid $204     

Lot 244.  Jackie Robinson, Campanella, Drysdale, Berra, Stengel and Others on 9 “Life” or “Post” Covers. Complete issues; labels and color covers are noted. “Life”: John Winsett, Dodgers’ part-time outfielder, 4/25/38, g+ to vg. Dodger Rookies, 4/5/48, minor back stain, otherwise ex. Jackie Robinson, 5/8/50, split along the spine, covers well attached, vg. Great photo. Roy Campanella (2), 6/8/53 and 7/21/58, color, both with labels, both ex. Casey Stengel, 9/14/53, label, vg+. And Don Drysdale, 9/28/62, color cover, vg-ex. “Saturday Evening Post,” both with color covers: Yogi Berra, Earl Mayan cover, 4/20/57, ex. And Leo Durocher, 5/11/63, label, ex+.
Winning Bid $75     

Lot 245.  1939 Baseball Centennial FDC, D&M Walter Johnson Print Block, Proof Coin, Cards and More. The first day of issue envelope, postmarked at Cooperstown on June 12, 1939, has an image of Abner Doubleday, a baseball scene, and the 3-cent Centennial of Baseball stamp. Ex. Another vintage item, a metal-cut printing block, features Walter Johnson promoting a Draper & Maynard baseball glove. The D&M Lucky Dog appears twice in the metal image, which is adhered to a 2” x 2.5” wood block. Accompanying the FDC and the D&M advertising are: 1. A 1950s-60s Baseball Hall of Fame beanie, vg+ to ex, green and white, trimmed in gold. 2. A 1995 clad half dollar proof with a baseball scene (batter and catcher) on the front for the 1995 Olympics in Atlanta. Produced by the United States Mint, gem mint in its original box, original Certificate of Authenticity included. 3. 1930s matchcover promoting Macke cigarette vending machines and offering “Baseball Fans! (That Means You Ladies, Too)…Eight All Expense Trips to the World Series Opener” as prizes in a Macke Machines contest. G+. 4. A 1968 matchcover with images of Ty Cobb and information on his career. Nm. There also are 39 cards. One is a Dover reprint of 1938 Goudey card #246, Lombardi (Red Sox), ex-m. Topps issued the other 38 cards in 2013. Nine are from the regular set. There also are insert cards, Cut to the Chase CTC-14 of Price and 1972 mini card TM-41 Harper. Twenty-seven are from the Opening Day set and include Ballpark Fun BF-28 Barney, Stars ODS-16 Dickey and 85 Samardzija 1922/2013. These cards are nm-m to mint.
Winning Bid $20     

Lot 246.  16 “Sporting News Baseball Guides,” 1942-92. “The Sporting News” issued the first of its guides in 1942. The 1942 “Official Baseball Record Book” grades poor, with the covers and some pages missing. Pages 7 through 508 are present. The 1943 “Baseball Guide and Record Book” is almost complete, missing the covers and one-half of the final page. Technically poor with most pages vg+ to ex. Here is the list of the other guides: 1944, Willard Mullin artwork on the cover, f-g with about 10% of the cover missing. 1945, Marty Marion taped front cover, back cover missing, f, better interior. 1948, Ewell Blackwell cover, vg. 1961, 480 pages, ex. 1964, 448 pages, vg+ to ex. 1966, cover with Sandy Koufax, Zoilo Versalles and Willie Mays, vg-ex. 1968, g-vg covers, 528 generally ex pages. 1970, Harmon Killebrew and Will McCovey cover, vg with writing on the front cover. 1975, 576 pages, vg-ex. 1977, Palmer, Munson, two others on the cover, ex. 1982, Tom Seaver, cover, vg. 1986 vg (price sticker on front cover). 1988, Andre Dawson cover, 528 pages, ex. And 1992, ex+.
Winning Bid $10     

Lot 247.  8 “Major League Baseball” Annuals by Whitman/Dell, 1944-53. Whitman Publishing originated this publication in 1937, and Dell took it over in 1949. The issues for 1945-48 are especially collectible because they contain statistics for players in the All American Girls Baseball League, the source of the movie “A League of Their Own.” The 1944 issue, with artwork of Stan Musial on the cover, is g+ to vg. Here is a list of the other issues: 1945, Marty Marion cover, vg; 1946, Hal Newhouser front cover and Connie Wisniewski on the back cover, vg; 1947, Musial front cover, Sophie Kurys on the back, vg with damage to an edge of the back cover; 1948, Ted Williams on the front, Doris Sams on the back, vg; 1950, Joe Page cover, poor, approximately one-third of the pages missing; 1951, Phil Rizzuto cover, vg-ex; and 1953, Robin Roberts front cover, Mickey Mantle on the back, g+ to vg.
Winning Bid $25     

Lot 248.  Vintage Baseball Photos, a Couple of Pins, a Coin and a Longest-Game Christmas Card. From the Pawtucket Red Sox in 1981, the 7” x 9” card presents a 3” x 6.5” color photo of the team that won pro baseball’s longest game – 33 innings, 8 hours and 25 minutes – including 32 innings on April 18-19, 1981, and the final inning on June 23. Pawtucket defeated Rochester, 3-1. With Santa Claus sleeping on the front, the card is nm. The collection also includes: A 1968 four-page program for the dedication of Stan Musial’s statue at Busch Memorial Stadium, vg+ with a nice cover photo of Musial. A 1969 spring training program for a Pittsburgh-St. Louis game. Roberto Clemente is listed in the lineup. Vg with the date and location added to the cover. And a 1989 50th anniversary brochure for the Baseball Hall of Fame. Vintage photos of Leo Durocher and Dominic “Mike” Ryba are also part of the collection. The Durocher photo, 3 ½” x 5”, likely is an original wire or newspaper photo. It is adhered to a heavy paper backing. Durocher played for the Cardinals 1933-37, and this photo is from that period. Vg. There are two photos of Ryba, a 6 ¼” x 8 ¾” sepia print from the mid-1930s with Ryba in a St. Louis Cardinals uniform and 3 ¼” x 4 ¼ photo that pictures him with the Red Sox (1941-46). Ryba pitched for the Cardinals 1935-38. Both photos have a piece of tape at the top and bottom, and the larger photo also has a section of tape on the right side. Without the tape, the larger photo would be ex, and the smaller photos, ex-m. Ryba holds the distinction of earning MVP honors in four different minor leagues, including the International League and the American Association. Four newspaper articles accompany his photos. Other Photos: A panel of two postcards by Bob Bartosz, each card 4” x 5.5”, one with a b&w offset print photo of Hank Aaron signing autographs (vg), and the other, Aaron with Willie Mays (ex-m); a Bartosz postcard with a 25th anniversary photo of the 1950 Phillies; and five 5.5” x 8.75” Bartosz offset photos of the 1975 Phillies team, ex. Ted Williams is represented by a 1 3/16” b&w pin showing him batting, nm, stains on the back. Also, 1971 Topps coin #14 of Carter, vg-ex, and a nicely designed baseball diamond pin for a business specializing in baseball press pins, mint.
Winning Bid $30     

Lot 249.  Two Vintage Mini-Pennants - “Pirates Arky Vaughn” and “New York Giants.” Each of the pennants shows some scrapbook residue on the back. The Vaughn pennant is 5 ½” long, and the New York Giants pennant, 3 ¾” long.
Winning Bid $25     

Lot 250.  1944 Cadaco-Ellis Ethan Allen’s All-Star Baseball Game with a Complete Set of Player Discs. The Blimp Hayes disc establishes the date of this game. The disc is the corrected version, with a “14” in place of a second, erroneous “7” at the bottom of the disc. The error disc was in the 1941-43 editions. The 1944 game has a 1942 copyright inside the lid and a 1943 copyright on the side of the lid. So did the 1943 version. Like the 1943 edition, the 1944 game uses pegs in place of the “Out” dial, which was used in the 1941 and 1942 games. In addition, strategy discs have replaced the strategy spinners. All of the player discs are present and nm-m. Otherwise, the game appears to be complete. The game board is vg-ex. The box is poor, reinforced by tape on the bottom and lid, which is missing one side panel. Among the players are Bob Feller, Bobby Doerr, Lou Boudreau, Luke Appling, Ted Williams, Joe DiMaggio, Ernie Lombardi, Johnny Mize, Billy Herman, Arky Vaughan, Ducky Medwick and Mel Ott. The game was created by Ethan Allen, an outfielder for six MLB teams. He was also the N.L.’s Film Bureau director, author of a book on baseball fundamentals and baseball coach at Yale. George H. W. Bush was one of the players on his 1947 College World Series team.
Winning Bid $35     

Lot 251.  6 “Baseball Magazines” 1946-54, and 32 Player Photos from Inside the Magazine. Catcher Rick Ferrell and Roger Wolff, Dutch Leonard and Mickey Haefner share the cover of the May 1944 issue; covers loose, pages intact, f-g. The condition of the Feb. 1946 issue, which has an action photo on the cover, is the same. The May 1946 issue has Lou Boudreau and Bob Feller on the front cover, which is almost separated from the pages. G overall with vg-ex pages. Ray Coleman of the St. Louis Browns, umpire Bill McKinley and other players are in an action scene on the Jan. 1948 cover. The front cover has separated and the back cover is loose; the magazine is complete and g. Tommy Henrich, Casey Stengel and Johnny Mize share the cover of the March 1950 issue. Inside is an article on Robin Roberts. Vg+ to ex. The World Series is the focus of the Oct. 1954 issue. It has a sketch of Bob Feller on the cover and contains articles by Shirley Povich, Frank Graham, Tom Meany, Lee Allen and Christy Walsh. Vg-ex. Eight player photos from the inside of front or back covers, all nicely trimmed to include the red border, range from f to ex+ and average vg+. The players are Cy Blanton, George Gibson, Charlie Hargreaves, Babe Herman, Dan MacFayden, Fred Schulte, Pie Traynor and Arky Vaughan. The other photos are trimmed to approximately 7.25” x 9.5”, have pin holes in the corners and are free of significant creases. HoF players are Bob Feller, Whitey Ford and Ralph Kiner. Also, Avila, Brecheen, Brissie, Carrasquel, Easter, Garver, Sid Gordon, Hutchinson, Sheldon Jones, Keltner, Kinder, Konstanty, Lockman, Marshall, Russ Meyer, Cass Michaels, Rolfe, Rosen, Stanky, Suder, Wertz, Westrum and Wyrostek. Some cover photos on the opposite side of these photos are interesting. They include Walter Johnson; Connie Mack, Joe Cronin and others; Mack; Ted Williams and three other Red Sox; and Warren Spahn and three other Boston Braves.
Winning Bid $25     

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