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Baseball Cards

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Lot 24.  1915 Cracker Jack #54 Marty O’Toole. A crease near the center of the card does not detract from its striking presence. G-vg. Recently a g+ example sold on eBay for more than $200.
Winning Bid $134     

Lot 25.  1888 R&S Artistic Die-Cut Card – Pittsburg. Pasted onto a black background, this die-cut retains outstanding colors and superb eye appeal. It also provides a look at the unique character of 19th century baseball.
Winning Bid $35     

Lot 26.  2 Early 1900s Supplements – “St. Louis Republic” (Robert Byrne) and “Police Gazette.” Supplements issued by the “St. Louis Republic” in 1908 are rarely seen. This example is 8 ½” x 11 1/8” and ex+. A third baseman, Bobby Byrne played for the Cardinals from 1907-09. The Oct. 9, 1909 “National Police Gazette” supplement, 11 1/8” x 16”, directs national attention to Dick Morris, a local pitcher who struck out 24 batters in a single game. Morris pitched for the Richard K Fox team in Fairhaven, NJ. Fox was the publisher of the “Police Gazette.” This supplement is p-f with corner chips and edge tears. Morris’ image displays nicely.
Winning Bid $35     

Lot 27.  1912 T202 Hassan Triple-Folder “Dooin Gets His Man” with John Titus and Chas. F. Dooin. This card grades p, neatly torn in half at the center. The halves fit together well, generally creating the appearance of a heavy crease.
Minimum Bid $10     

Lot 28.  Vintage Baseball Grab Bag – 19 Cards from Various Sets – 6 HoF Players: Dizzy Dean, Bob Feller, Hank Greenberg, Chuck Klein, Arky Vaughan and Paul Waner. Samples in this collection are from a number of scarce issues: 1. 1911 T201 Mecca Double Folder with Gaspar and T. Clarke. 2. Vander Meer, 1948 Sports Thrills #10. 3. 1929 Universal Toy & Novelty strip card (game card), McWeeny. 4-5. Feller and Greenberg from a 1941 Double Play card (cut in half). 6. Paul Waner in the 1933 Rittenhouse Candy set. 7. Chuck Klein in a 1936 Goudey card. 8. 1916 Famous and Barr #46 Deal. 9. 1948 Bowman #9 W. Cooper. 10-11. 1939 Play Ball #15 Derringer and 78 Solters. 12. 1940 Play Ball #130 Milan. 13-16. 1941 Play Ball #5 McCormick, 10 Vaughan, 39 Henrich and 42 Moses. 17-18. 1934-36 Diamond Stars #20 Hogan and 45 White. And 1935-36 Diamond Matchcovers, Jerome (Dizzy) Dean, red border. Condition varies widely, poor to vg+ to ex.
Winning Bid $225     

Lot 29.  1934 (R310) Butterfinger Premium – Very Rare Cardboard Version of Bob O’ Farrell. These attractive b&w Butterfinger premiums, which measure approximately 7 ¾” x 9 ½”, are typically found on a light paper stock. Featuring major league players, they are scarce. The cardboard version of the premium is rare. Each displays the same photo as the paper version – plus advertising in red that reads, “FREE BASEBALL PICTURE WITH 5 CENT BUTTERFINGER.” An illustration of a Butterfinger Candy Bar, also in red, accompanies the text. This O’ Farrell premium shows some scratches, a few minor chips in the upper and lower borders, and a chipped area in the lower right corner. Outstanding on defense as a catcher, O’Farrell played for the Cubs, Cardinals, Giants and Reds in 21 MLB seasons. He was the N.L. MVP in 1926.
Winning Bid $102     

Lot 30.  3 1920s-1930 Cards – 2 Exhibits, 1 with HoFers Ott and Terry, and an R315. 1. 1925 Exhibit of George Grantham, f+. 2. 1929-30 Four-in-One Exhibit with N.Y. Giants - Benton, Mel Ott, Reese and Bill Terry, postcard back, g. 3. 1929-30 R315 of Art Shires, sepia photo on an off-white to yellow background, position and team in bottom border, blank back, g.
Winning Bid $248     

Lot 31.  Reproduction Set of 6 Babe Ruth 1928 Fro-Joy Cards. These cards are not marked as re-issues, and no date is provided. They are on off-white (rather than white) paper stock much heavier than the original, and lines show at the borders of some cards. The images are clear, and the cards grade vg-ex to ex.
Winning Bid $30     

Lot 32.  Cincinnati Reds - 21 Cards and 2 Matchcovers - 12 from 1931-64. 1931 W517: #3 Roush p and 49 Meusel p. Diamond Matchcovers: 1934 Derringer vg and 1935-36 Derringer p. 1936 National Chicle R313 Fine Pens: Derringer vg-ex. 1936 Goudey Wide Pens (Type 1): Lombardi, vg and Werber (trimmed) p. Mid-1950s Reds Postcard: Gabe Paul, vg; this may be an unchecklisted card from the Reds’ 1954-55 issue 1960 Nu-Card Baseball Hi-Lites: #5 Vander Meer ex-m+. Topps: 1964 Giants, #29 Robinson ex+, 34 nm and 56 Pinson nm+. 1970 Super, #34 Rose vg+. 1975 #235 ex. 1977 TCMA Reds: #7 Walters nm, 42 Derringer nm. 1970s Postcard: Perez ex-m+. The following cards are REPRINTS: Four from the 1906 Fan Craze set, Corcoran, Kelley, Overall and Weimer, all nm-m. And #3 Walters ex-m and #4 Derringer ex from the 1941 Play Ball set. Also, photocopies of cards of McLean and Mitchell, both vg.
Winning Bid $45     

Lot 33.  2 1934-36 (R327) Diamond Stars, Both HoFers - Al Lopez and Bill Terry. The artwork created for this set has made it one of the more popular pre-war issues. #28 Lopez grades f with a crease – and looks much better. #14 Terry is nicely centered and free of creases, vg-ex.
Winning Bid $92     

Lot 34.  Babe Ruth and 14 Other 1935 Goudey Single-Panel Baseball Cards. Once part of 1935 Goudey 4-in-1 cards, these panels exhibit strong original colors and surfaces free of wear often associated with this issue. Affixed to a background, these single-panel card fronts display beautifully. Besides Ruth, players include Bridges, Dykes, Earnshaw, English, Higgins, Hildebrand, Mahaffey, McManus, Ott, Rogel, Schumacher, Sewel, Trosky and Williams. The display and the individual cards have a vg to vg-ex appearance.
Winning Bid $121     

Lot 35.  34 Different 1936 S & S Game Cards, Including 3 HoFers. Luke Appling, Joe Cronin and Kiki Cuyler are the Hall of Fame players in this collection, which constitutes almost two-thirds of the set. These cards generally are vg+ to ex+. Two cards with instructions for playing the card game are also included.
Winning Bid $273     

Lot 36.  2 1936 R311-2 Leather Finish Premiums with Rookie Joe DiMaggio and Friends, and Wes Ferrell. In one of these 6” x 8” cards, DiMaggio is shown with Frank Crosetti and Tony Lazzeri. Ferrell has the other card to himself. The DiMaggio premium has a vg appearance qualified by four pin holes and tiny scuffs on Crosetti and Lazzeri. The Ferrell card has a single heavy crease in the lower left, two small, light creases and two pin holes. F+. On the reverse “Boston Red Sox 1934-1937 pitcher” is lightly printed in pencil.
Winning Bid $248     

Lot 37.  2 1936 National Chicle R313 Fine Pens and 21 Goudey R314 Wide Pens. Among these 23 premiums are six cards featuring Hall of Fame members - Al Simmons (2), Bill Dickey, Goose Goslin, Chuck Klein and Charlie Gehringer, all Wide Pens. Here is the complete list of R314 Wide Pens: Blaeholder, Bridges (2), Camilli, Dickey, Dykes (R314b), W. Ferrell, Gehringer, Goslin, Hallahan, Jensen, Klein, Martin, Moore, Piet, Radcliff, Rowe, Simmons (2), Walter (Walters), and Wyatt. The players on the R313 Fine Pen premiums are Camilli and Harder. Condition averages vg to vg-ex.
Winning Bid $168     

Lot 38.  1936 Premiums and a Team Issue - 3 R314 Wide Pens and 2 R313 Fine Pens. Players from the Goudey R314 Wide Pen Type 1 set are Lefty Gomez g+ to vg, Bill Dickey g+ to vg and Sam Leslie g. National Chicle issued the R313 Fine Pen premiums: Lefty Gomez and Red Ruffing vg-ex, and Frank Crossetti (Crosetti) ex. Also, William “Bill” Terry from a 1930s New York Giants team issue. G. Four collectibles with HoF players.
Winning Bid $68     

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