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Baseball Autographs

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Lot 630.  Rabbit Maranville, Ken Strong and Benny Leonard Autographed 1946 Program. Plus three more program signatures - Dolly Stark, Hank Borowy and Buddy Kerr. All but Maranville have a strong connection to New York City. Leonard, Stark and Kerr were born there. Borowy grew up about 40 miles away. Strong, from Connecticut, starred in baseball and football at New York University. And Maranville, who played one season in Brooklyn, eventually settled in New York. Borowy’s autograph shows light, minor smudging on approximately one-half of the letters. Otherwise, all of the signatures are strong and nm-m 8 or better except for placement. Maranville’s is a beauty partially intersected by the Kerr and Borowy autographs. Leonard’s is equally strong and touches several letters in the printed program. Strong’s signature is large and bold with the upper tip of the “K” over an area with a small tear repaired on the reverse. The four-page Dec. 9, 1946 program, for a “Sports Rally” at Tenafly High School, NJ, is vg with tape neatly applied to the edges of the cover. A shortstop and second baseman for the Boston Braves and other teams, Maranville was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1954, the same year as his passing. Playing halfback and fullback for the New York Giants and other nearby teams from 1929-44, Strong was one of the greatest all-round players of his era. He is in the Pro and College Football Halls of Fame. Inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame, Leonard held the world lightweight championship from 1917-25, longer than any other lightweight. ESPN ranks him seventh on its list of all-time boxing greats. Borowy (died 2004) was a two-time pitching All-Star with the New York Yankees in 10 seasons. Kerr (died 2006) was a 1948 All-Star shortstop for the New York Giants. And Stark (d. 1968) was an N.L. umpire from 1928-35 and 1937-40. He was the first Jewish umpire of
Winning Bid $291     

Lot 633.  1979 Michigan Sports HoF Program Signed by 5 HoF Members – Banonis, Gehringer, Kramer, Newhouser and Schmidt. Chas. Gehringer and Hal Newhouser are in the Baseball Hall of Fame. Joe Schmidt is a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. And Vince Banonis and Ron Kramer were enshrined in the College Football HoF in 1986 and 1978, respectively. All are in the State of Michigan Sports Hall of Fame. All signed a 128-page program for the organization’s 1979 induction ceremonies. In fact, Kramer autographed the program cover, along with two other inductees, Earl Morrall, one of the most successful backup quarterbacks in NFL history, and Warren Orlick (“Mr. Rules), PGA Golf Professional of the Year for 1960 and president of the Professional Golfers Association 1971-72. He passed away in 2003. Other Michigan HoF members who signed the program and the sport they represent are: Chuck Kocsis, golf; and Jake Mazer, Bob Calihan, Cincy Sachs and Lofton Greene, basketball. The autographs, all next to or on the individual’s photo, are nm-m 8 to gem mint 10. The program is vg-ex.
Minimum Bid $20     

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