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Baseball Photography   13 Lots      

Lot 332.  Vintage Photos of an Early 1900s Men & Women Pickup Softball or Baseball Game. In the first photo, a woman is posed and poised to deliver an overhand pitch. In the second, a softball clearly is pictured. Delightful 3 ½” x 5 ¾” photos. Both have corner impressions from album mounts. Both vg with a better appearance and strong contrast.
Winning Bid $15.

Lot 333.  Rare Newspaper Photo of Paul Waner with the PCL’s San Francisco Seals. Waner had three outstanding seasons in the Pacific Coast League, 1923-25. For the 1926 season, the Pittsburgh Pirates agreed to pay $100,000 for Waner and Hal Rhyne. A small newspaper clipping on the back of the photo mentions the Seals’ wanting $100,000 for Waner. The 6” x 8 ½” photo has been retouched for newspaper publication. It has a 1” tear along the right edge, five tack holes away from Waner’s image and newspaper cropping marks. Classic image reminiscent of the photos used on Zeenut cards.
Winning Bid $25.

Lot 334.  Circa 1930s 6” x 8” Photo of Military Baseball Teams in Hawaii. Members of the team from March Field, Riverside, Ca., are clearly identifiable. Interestingly, the team is integrated. Another team wears caps with an “LF” (L Field?) designation. Two enlisted men wear military uniforms. A note on the back says “Baseball Team, Hawaiian Islands, Nat.” A player on the front is identified as “Uncle Nat.” Two edge tears, each ½” or less. Otherwise, g-vg. Unusual, interesting photo.
Minimum Bid $25.

Lot 335.  Vintage Original Photos of St. Louis Cardinals Leo Durocher, Mike Ryba. The Durocher photo, 3 ½” x 5”, is almost certainly an original wire photo. It is adhered to a heavy paper backing. Durocher played for the Cardinals 1933-37, and this photo is from that period. Vg. There are two photos of Ryba, a 6 ¼” x 8 ¾” sepia print and 3 ¼” x 4 ¼ photo that pictures him with the Red Sox. Ryba pitched for the Cardinals 1935-38. The larger print appears to be a wire service photo from the 1930s. The smaller picture may be a team issue. Both are taped to a heavy paper backing. The St. Louis photo is vg as taped, and the Boston photo, ex-m+. The tape affects about ½” x 1 ½” wide at the top and bottom of each photo. Ryba holds the distinction of earning MVP honors in four different minor leagues, including the International League and the American Association.
Minimum Bid $40.

Lot 336.  Vintage Newspaper Photos of Paul and Lloyd Waner. A 1940 retouched 8” x 9” photo from an unidentified newspaper shows the Waners on the dugout steps. Creasing around the edges; very strong, clear images. In a 1939 photo, this one from the files of the Philadelphia Record, the brothers play cards. Photo is 6 ½” x 8 ½”, edited and has a filing label along the right edge. G+, image area looks better.
Winning Bid $50.

Lot 337.  9 Sporting News Team Photos from 1941 and 1942. For 1941: Brooklyn Dodgers, New York Yankees, Pittsburgh Pirates. For 1942: Boston Braves, Boston Red Sox, Brooklyn Dodgers, Cleveland Indians, New York Yankees, St. Louis Cardinals. The Braves, Red Sox, Indians and Cardinals photos are by Dorrill. Stan Musial, in his first full season, is pictured with the 1942 Cardinals. Ted Williams and Joe DiMaggio also are shown. These photos have impressions from photo album mounts in the corners. Many have the players’ names written on the back. The 1942 Yankees photo is vg with scrapbook residue on the back. The others average ex.
Winning Bid $125.

Lot 338.  Rare 1945 Barnstorming Photo Featuring Chicago Cubs and Other Players in Huron, South Dakota. 4” x 5 ¼” photo taken in October shows more than 25 players outside a hotel. The group includes at least a dozen Cubs, as well as players from the Red Sox, Browns, Indians, Cardinals, White Sox and Tigers and minor league teams. Players we can identify are Swish Nicholson, Ival Goodman, Paul Gillespie, Phil Cavaretta, Paul Derringer, Dewey Williams and Frank Secory of the Cubs, Harry Brecheen of the Cardinals, Jeff Heath and Allie Reynolds of the Indians and Dizzy Trout of the Tigers. A Madison, Wis. photographer took the picture. Following the regular season, players often combined a barnstorming tour with a hunting trip. Ex+ with a couple of small, light creases in the border in the lower left corner.
Winning Bid $20.

Lot 339.  Original 1948 Wire Photo of Pennant-Winning St. Louis Cardinals Managers. The 7 ¼” x 9” photo shows the managers at a Jan. 13 event honoring former St. Louis Cardinals president Sam Breadon. The managers are Rogers Hornsby (1926 pennant), Eddie Dyer (1946), Billy Southworth (1942, 1944) and Gabby Street (1930, 1931). Vg with excellent contrast.
Winning Bid $25.

Lot 340.  28 Cincinnati Reds 1948 Team-Issued 4” x 5” B&W Photos. Players are Adams, Baumholtz, Jim Blackburn, Blackwell, Burkhart, Corbitt, Fox, Galan, Gumbert, Hatton, George Kelly, Kluszewski (second season), Lamanno, Litwhiler, Ray Mueller, Phil Page, Kent Peterson, Poland, Raffensberger, Sauer, Howie Schultz, Stallcup, Vander Meer, Walters, Wehmeier, Woody Williams, Wyrostek, Zientara. About half of these photos are vg+ to ex, and half are ex to ex-m. All have a stamp on the back identifying the Cincinnati Baseball Club as the source. Bonus: Two 8” x 10” photos, one of Johnny Bench, vg+ to ex, and the other, a 1946 photo of Al Libke batting, vg.
Winning Bid $83.

Lot 341.  Original 8” x 10” Photo of Branch Rickey + 2 Rickey Books. A devious cheapskate, Rickey was also the most brilliant of the baseball executives. He created the farm system, broke down baseball’s color barrier and forced the major leagues to expand. Rickey is shown here in a vintage circa 1940s photo with Walter O’Malley. In the 1940s, O’Malley and Rickey each acquired 25% ownership of the Brooklyn Dodgers. In 1950, O’Malley forced Rickey out of the organization. G-vg, looks better. Rickey provides a history of baseball in The American Diamond: A Documentary of the Game of Baseball, 1965 stated first printing, nm book, vg dj. John J. Monteleone captures Rickey’s views of baseball and life in Branch Rickey’s Little Blue Book: Wit and Strategy from Baseball’s Last Wise Man, 1995 first, nm-m book, ex dj.
Winning Bid $30.

Lot 342.  Original Associated Press 8” x 10” Photo of the N.L. Champion New York Giants. This team swept the Cleveland Indians in the World Series. The photo includes Mays, Durocher, Garagiola, Maglie, Wilhelm, Rhodes and Antonelli, as well as the Giants’ first two African-American players, Monte Irvin and Hank Thompson. Vg. A stamp on the back indicates the photo was published in an unidentified newspaper on Sept. 26, 1954.
Winning Bid $55.

Lot 343.  Dealer Special: 20 Matted Star Baseball Photos + 5 Football. Each photo is attractively matted with a brass name plate below the image. Baseball players are: Aaron 2 different, Belle, Campanella, Clemente, Erskine 2, Grace, Koufax, Lofton 3 including 2 different, Jackie Robinson, Skowron 3 different, Duke Snider, Mo Vaughn 2 different and a photo with Snider, Hodges, Campanella and Furillo. Football players: Jeff Blake 2 different, Nitschke 2 different, Jerry Rice. Photos and matting are nm-m. These photos came from a dealer who had them priced at $7.95-$11.95, for a total of more than $250.
Winning Bid $68.

Lot 344.  Late 1970s White Sox Photos of Minnie Minoso, Steve Stone, Floyd Bannister. These 8” x 10” black & white photos were taken by a Chicago area photographer.
Winning Bid $15.
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