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Periodicals with Baseball Covers - SI, Life, SCD, Etc.   13 Lots      

Lot 361.  3 Copies of The Baseball World Weekly Tabloid from 1928. First time we’ve had copies of this self-described “independent weekly newspaper covering all branches of professional and amateur baseball.” The issues, all part of Volume I, are for July 2, 9 and 30. Each contains 16 pages. Two are identified as sample copies. One issue is g and complete with many pages separated; a second is g-vg, and a third is vg. In an open letter in one issue, the newspaper encourages Judge Landis to investigate the rowdy and violent aspects of minor league baseball, including a manager’s attack on a fan and a fan’s attack on an umpire, allegedly incited by the team owner. Interesting and apparently short-lived competition for The Sporting News.
Winning Bid $45.

Lot 362.  Ted Williams, Joe DiMaggio and Yankee Stadium. The two Hall of Fame slugging outfielders are portrayed in text and photos in a 48-page magazine published in 1964 by JKW Sports Publications. Vg+ to ex with articles by Bob Cutter. DiMaggio is pictured in a classic cover of Life magazine dated Aug. 1, 1949, g. These publications are accompanied by “50th Anniversary, Yankee Stadium,” a 33 1/3 rpm record on thin plastic. Mel Allen provides the narrative. Ex-m.
Winning Bid $25.

Lot 363.  97 Issues of Sports Collectors Digest, 1976-84. Follow the evolution and revolutions of the hobby with this collection that begins with SCD’s 62nd issue, dated April 30, 1976. Sixteen issues are from 1977, 22 from 1978, 23 from 1979, 20 from 1980, 14 from 1981 and one from 1984. All of the issues except the 1984 issue pre-date Krause Publications ownership. These 97 issues average ex.
Winning Bid $113.

Lot 364.  Sports Illustrated Issues 2, 4, 5 and 6 from 1954. All of these issues are scarce. All have mailing labels. The second issue lacks the Topps baseball card insert and otherwise is complete and vg-ex. Issue 4, Sept. 6, contains four color pages of Robin Roberts photos, ex. The Sept. 13 issue, Issue 5, has a color spread on mountain climbing in the Himalayas. Scratch on the cover; otherwise ex. Calf roping is the subject of the Sept. 20 cover; inside are six color pages of rodeo action and features on pro and Midwest college football. Ex.
Winning Bid $30.

Lot 365.  Sports Illustrated’s First, Second and 50th Anniversary Issues. The first and second anniversary issues, from Aug. 15, 1955, and Aug. 20, 1956, reproduce the original cover featuring Eddie Mathews. Both are ex-m with mailing labels. The 1956 issue has a six-panel color fold-out with photos of outstanding thoroughbreds, including Citation, Tom Fool, War Admiral and Native Dancer. Willie Mays and Mickey Mantle are on the cover of the 2004 50th Anniversary issue. Nm without a mailing label.
Winning Bid $45.

Lot 366.  9 Magazines Including Life, SI with Ted Williams Covers, 1 with Yaz. All are complete issues. Key Williams covers are the classic 9/1/41 Life ex, no label, and the 7/8/57 Sports Illustrated with Williams and Stan Musial, ex. Ted’s stand-in is on the cover of the 3/2/57 Saturday Evening Post by Norman Rockwell, g-vg. Williams is on three other SI covers, 7/8/68 ex-m, 7/18/77 ex and 4/16/90 nm-m, no label. Williams also is on two covers of Sport, June 1969 vg-ex and May 1971 ex, and Look, 10/9/51 ex. The Look issue is scarce. Carl Yastrzemski is pictured on the cover of the 9/8/67 issue of Life, ex+.
Winning Bid $61.

Lot 367.  12 Life Issues with Williams, Robinson, Koufax, Mays, Other Baseball Stars. No periodical ever offered more dramatic or appealing images of baseball’s top players. Ted Williams, 9/1/41, light foxing, otherwise ex+. Red Barrett of St. Louis, the N.L.’s winningest pitcher in 1945, 4/1/46, ex. Dodgers Rookies, 4/5/48, writing on cover, otherwise vg-ex. Jackie Robinson, 5/8/50, fabulous photo, ex. Roy Campanella, 6/8/53, vg+ to ex. Fred Haney, 10/14/57, vg-ex. Willie Mays, 4/28/58, ex. Campanella, 7/21/58, vg-ex. Don Drysdale, 9/28/62, vg+ to ex. Sandy Koufax, 8/2/63, pen marks on label, vg-ex. Carl Yastrzemski, 9/8/67, ex. Jerry Koosman, 9/26/69, ex. Very collectible issues with mailing labels.
Winning Bid $40.

Lot 368.  5 1950s-70s Magazines with Star, Hall of Fame Baseball Player Covers. All complete issues with labels unless noted. College football star and Boston favorite Jackie Jensen is on the cover of the 6/21/52 Collier’s with his wife, Olympic diving star Zoe Ann Olsen, and their son. Library stamp, otherwise ex-m. Carl Yastrzemski, 9/8/67 Life, vg+ to ex. Roberto Clemente, 3/68 Boy’s Life, nm. Tom Seaver with wife Nancy, 5/70 McCall’s, ex. Reggie Jackson, 6/3/74 Time, no label, vg+ to ex.
Winning Bid $15.

Lot 369.  Baseball Publications Collection – Periodicals, Books. 1-3. Three issues of Sport with baseball covers: Aug. 1951, Yogi Berra, vg-ex. March 1952, Gil McDougald, vg-ex. April 1952, Chico Carrasquel, vg. 4. “National League 75th Anniversary Official History,” 1951, Jay Publishing, vg-ex hardcover, nm contents, no dj. 5. April 11, 1936 Collier’s magazine with a baseball cover, vg+ to ex. 6. 1910 Spalding Guide, or “Spalding’s Official Base Ball Record 1910,” no covers, some advertising pages may be missing, record portion complete and vg-ex. 7. “Balldom” by George L. Moreland, 1914 first edition hardback, covers detached, some pages loose, appears to be complete, f-g. Subtitled “The Britannica of Baseball,” this is an important early history of the game. 8. 1945 Barnes Guide, vg+. 9. “1955 Baseball Fans’ Guide” from Kessler, well done, concise 32-page guide, g-vg. 10. “The Complete Handbook of Baseball” by Zander Hollander, 1973 PB, vg. 11. “1990 Baseball Cards Calendar: All-Stars,” ex-m+. 12-14. Baseball Cards, 3 1984 issues, April, June, Oct., ex to ex-m. 15-22. Baseball Card Price Guide Monthly, 8 issues, Aug. 1988, Nov. 1988-May 1989, ex.
Winning Bid $35.

Lot 370.  30+ Sports Illustrated News Stand Copies, Primarily 1950s Baseball. Condition and the absence of labels make these copies especially desirable. They average ex to ex+. 1955: 5/30 Score. 1956: 3/5 Spring Training, Musial, etc. 7/30 Adcock. 1957: 4/22 Moon. 5/13 Pierce. 6/3 Labine. 7/22 Bauer. 9/30 World Series. 1958: 3/3 Spring Training, Braves. 3/17, 3/31, 4/21, 5/5, 5/19, Big League Secrets series. 6/23 Jensen. 7/7 All-Star Game, Mantle, Mays, Banks. 7/28 Frank Thomas. 9/29 World Series. 1959: 3/2 Spring Training, Stengel, Haney. 5/4 Turley. 1960: 7/18 Candlestick Park. 8/8 Dick Groat. 10/10 Vernon Law. 1964: 4/13 Sandy Koufax (label). 1992: Fall, Special Issue, Mays. Football: 10/24/55, Howard Cassady. 10/8/56, Paul Brown, George Ratterman. 12/3/56, Chuck Conerly (great cover!). Hunting: 10/12/59, Duck Hunting. Holiday Issue: 12/23/57, Sportsman of the Year Musial, Bowl Previews. 1990: 35 Years of Covers. 1991: Baseball’s 20 Greatest Teams of All Time. 1998: Greatest Teams: The Most Dominant Powerhouses in Sports.
Winning Bid $248.

Lot 371.  7 Sport Issues with Mantle, Mays, Williams, Musial and Stengel Covers. All are desirable news stand copies without mailing labels. Mickey Mantle is on the covers of the October 1956 (¼” edge tear, otherwise ex) and March 1957 (lower left corner chip, otherwise ex+) issues. Willie Mays: June 1956 (ex-m) and June 1958 (vg). Ted Williams: July 1956 (light stain across the top and along the right edge; otherwise ex). Stan Musial: July 1954 (vg-ex). Casey Stengel: March 1954, Canadian Edition (crease in lower right corner; otherwise, ex-m+).
Winning Bid $68.

Lot 372.  9 Sporting News, 1929-49, 1962 Featuring Ruth, DiMaggio or Mantle. Babe Ruth is featured inside the 10/18/28 issue in an ad for Louisville Slugger bats. Lou Gehrig also is pictured. Vg, some pages detached. Ruth is shown also on the front page of issues for: 7/10/30 plays despite an injury g-vg, 9/29/32 World Series preview f-g, 10/8/42 players named “Babe,” p-f, Ruth image nice, and 10/28/43 Ruth’s home run performances named century’s top baseball feat, ex. Joe DiMaggio appears on the front page of issues for: 10/9/41 World Championship team picture g-vg, 12/25/45 pay cut for joining the army f, 4/13/49 with Ted Williams vg. Mickey Mantle and three other players are on the front page of the 7/21/62 issue, ex+.
Winning Bid $30.

Lot 373.  17 Sporting News Issues, 1933-69, 1985. The 10/5/33 issue previews the Giants-Senators World Series, g+ to vg. Ted Williams is pictured on the cover of the 6/1/49 issue, one g, one vg. Other issues are for 1949: 5/25 “Bonus Babies, 10/5 Mullin artwork with Stengel, 10/26 Rickey, vg-ex. 1950: 1/4 Mullin on baseball’s financial condition, 4/19 upcoming season, ex. 1951: 12/26 Christmas cartoon with baseball-military theme, ex. 1955: 9/14 MVP candidates, Greenberg proposes limiting time between pitches, ex. 1956: 3/21 Feller proposes selecting “Star of the Decade,” vg. 7/11 Musial chosen “Player of Decade,” g. 1962: 7/7 All-Star Game, ex. 1964: 7/11 Mays ex. 1965: 8/21 Rose vg+ to ex. 1969: 3/15/69, writing in bottom border, otherwise vg-ex. 1985: 9/16/Rose ex+. The back pages of eight 1949-51 issues are especially interesting because they contain full-page cigarette ads with Williams, Jackie Robinson, Stan Musial, Joe DiMaggio, Warren Spahn or Pee Wee Reese.
Winning Bid $35.
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