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Non-Sport Cards   56 Lots       »   

Lot 576.  285 Vintage Non-Sport Cards. Most of these cards, which feature a wide range of topics and manufacturers, were issued from the 1880s through the 1930s. Highlights include: N110 Kimball “French Novelties” card g-vg. N94 “Actors and Actresses,” two cards, both g. N168 Kimball “Dancing Women” card g-vg. N165 “Games and Sports Series” card f-g. Gum, Inc. “Pirates Picture Bubble Gum” card #58 f-g. 12 T53 Hassan “Cowboy Series” cards f-g to g. Many cards are from early 1900s tobacco issues. Some cards are English. The topics include statesmen, birds, fish, horoscopes, coats of arms and other emblems, flags, universities, World War I and II and others. The overall condition of the remaining cards is f-g with some better, others less. About 70 cards are pasted onto paper. A few cards are English.
Winning Bid $92.

Lot 577.  Early 1900s Maine Pre-Linen Postcards. This collection comprises 47 postcards, six fold-out postcard portfolios and a folder of miniature postcards. Forty-three of the postcards, five of the portfolios and the miniatures show scenes of Maine. The others picture Massachusetts. Approximately 40 of the Maine pcs are pre-linen. Twenty-two postcards, two portfolios and the miniatures focus on Portland, while three cards and one portfolio center on Augusta. The Portland pictures include the Wadsworth-Longfellow House, the Portland Bridge, Longfellow’s birthplace, Maine General Hospital, the Post Office and the Grand Trunk Railroad Depot. Only a few of the postcards have been mailed. One of the portfolios captures scenes of the Mohawk Trail. The pcs and the portfolios average vg+ to ex, and the miniatures, ex.
Winning Bid $40.

Lot 578.  22 Early 1900s Tobacco “National Flag” Blankets. Five different issues are represented. B4: 8”x 10 ½” flag of Switzerland. B5: Six blankets, each about 7 ½” x 10 3/4” with emblems in the four corners. Two different, five U.S.A. and one Germany. B6: Eight different, each 5 ¼” x 8 ¼”. China, Colombia, Liberia, Netherlands, Nicaragua, Sweden, U.S.A., Venezuela. B7: 4” x 6 ½” flag of Austro-Hungary. B8 Flags with Coats of Arms. Six, each about 8 ½” x 10 ½”. Three different, three of France, two of America, one of England. These blankets average ex, with some in better and some lesser condition.
Winning Bid $20.

Lot 579.  5 PSA High-Grade 1901 Ogden’s Ltd. Guinea Gold Actress Cards. PSA graded these cards NM 7: Evelyn Clyde, Miss Lennord, Julie Mackay and Miss St. Lawrence. Hilda Clark is graded NM-MT 8 (MC).
Winning Bid $50.

Lot 580.  10 Different Early 1900s Silks - 4 S72 Actresses and 6 S61 Feminine Types. The S72 Actresses are Frances Cameron, Hope Latham, Nellie McCoy and Florence Reed. All have Turkey Red Cigarettes paper backs, and all grade vg. The S61 Feminine Types are from Zira Cigarettes and grade g-vg.
Winning Bid $30.

Lot 581.  28 T53 Hassan Cowboy Series, 10 T73 Indian Life in the “60’s” Cards. All different. These cards average g-vg. Two of the “Indian Life” cards are ex.
Winning Bid $83.

Lot 582.  490 Early 1900s-1960s English, Canadian Non-SportCards. The cards, including partial and complete sets, feature athletes, animals, actors, buildings, birds, butterflies, fish, flowers, soldiers, ships and more. Condition varies from p to nm, with at least 250 cards ex or better. Highlights: 1911 Ogden’s Boy Scouts (blue back), vg. 1916 Millbank (Canada) Animals, 35 of 50 die-cuts, 31 different, half vg or better, half less. 1924 Imperial Tobacco of Canada Poulty Alphabet, 13 different of 25, average g-vg with a couple ex. 1932 John Player & Sons Butterflies, 40 of 50, ex to ex+, and Wild Birds Transfers, 70 total, 34 different of 50, vg to vg-ex. 1930 Carreras Alice in Wonderland (round corners), 5 different, vg-ex. 1958 Mills Freshwater Fish set of 25 (printed in yellow only), ex-ex-m. 1963 Brooke Bond Tea British Butterflies, 135 total, partial set of 44 of 50, ex to ex-m. Also, Neilson’s Movie Actors and Actresses, Kellogg’s All-Wheat Sport-Tips (3), British Sports Stars, War Incidents, Engineering Wonders, Dog Series, Zoological Studies, Ships and Shipping, Bathing Belles, and many others.
Winning Bid $55.

Lot 583.  34 Different 1911-12 T99 Sights and Scenes of the World Cards. These cards represent two-thirds of the 50-card set. These cards grade: 1 ex, 4 vg-ex, 10 vg, 5 g-vg, 6 g, 4 f-g, 4 f.
Minimum Bid $25.

Lot 584.  1912/1923 John Player & Sons “Characters from Dickens” Set of 50. Such Dickens characters as David Copperfield, Scrooge and the Artful Dodger are shown in drawings on the fronts of these cards and described in text on the backs. The British cigarette company issued the set in two 25-card series in 1912, and then re-issued it in 1923. This set consists of 29 cards from the 1912 issue and 21 from the later issue. The fronts of the cards are identical. Designation as “A Series of 50” distinguishes the 1923 edition. A somewhat difficult, desirable and entertaining set. Vg-ex set with some cards less, some better.
Winning Bid $35.

Lot 585.  Partial Set of 27 Nm-M 1920 R51 Wilbur-Suchard Flags. The set is complete at 36 cards, including the U.S. flag, which collectors had to request from the company. Missing Austria, Belgium, Czecho-slovakia, Hawaiian Islands, Honduras, Norway, Peru, Porto Rico and the U.S. Nm-m group.
Winning Bid $83.

Lot 586.  59 1924-63 British Cards Featuring Animals and Birds. The collection contains these cards from Players: 1924 “Natural History” ex 1, vg 2. 1931 “Wild Animals’ Heads” nm 2. 1933 “Aviary and Cage Birds” ex-m+ 1, ex-m 2, ex+ 3, ex 3, vg-ex 2, vg 1. 1937 “Birds & Their Young” vg-ex 1. 1939 “Animals of the Countryside” vg 1. Wills: 1934 “Animalloys” vg 2, g-vg 2. 1938 “The Sea-Shore” vg-ex 2. Brooke Bond Tea: 1958 “British Wild Life” nm-m 1, nm 1, ex 1, vg-ex 2. 1962 “Asian Wild Life” nm-m 4, nm+ 4, nm 4, ex-m+ 2, ex-m 1, ex 3, vg-ex 6, vg 3. 1963 “Wildlife in Danger” nm-m 2.
Winning Bid $15.

Lot 587.  12 Different 1930s Dixie Lids Featuring Actors and Musicians. 1. William Boyd 1936 sepia “As ‘Hopalong Cassidy’ … for Paramount Release” vg-ex. 2. Bing Crosby 1935 blue “Mississippi” g-vg, no tab. 3. W. C. Fields 1936 sepia “Poppy” vg. 4. Clark Gable 1935 blue “After Office Hours” g, no tab. 5. Buck Jones 1936 sepia “World Famous Star….” vg-ex. 6. Baby Leory 1935 blue “Playing in Paramount Pictures” g, no tab. 7. Ken Maynard 1935 blue “In Old Santa Fe” f-g, no tab. 8. Col. Tim McCoy 1936 sepia “Lightning Bill Carson” g, no tab. 9. Dick Powell 1935 blue “Gold Diggers of 1935” f-g, no tab. 10. Franchot Tone 1935 blue “Reckless” g, no tab. 11. Tom Tyler 1936 wine “Fast Bullets” vg. 12. Fred Waring 1936 wine “Leader of Waring’s Pennsylvanians” vg-ex. All have Breyers backs. Furthermore, to help allay any concerns that you may have, these lids carry the “Tested and Approved” seal from the Good Housekeeping Bureau.
Winning Bid $50.

Lot 588.  35 Mostly 1930s British Tobacco Cards Representing Railways and Other Subjects. Twenty-one cards are from Wills sets: 1938 “Railway Equipment” 10 cards. 1936 and 1937 “Wild Flower,” 4 cards. 1928 “Romance of the Heavens,” 4 cards. 1938 “Garden Hints,” 3 cards. And 1913 “Old English Garden Flowers,” 1 card. Other cards from Gallaher, Player and Ogden’s deal with such subjects as famous films, aeroplanes, trains and the British Navy. These cards average vg with some in better and others in lesser condition.
Winning Bid $10.

Lot 589.  Scarce 1930s Cards – Quaker Home Defense Series, Big Thrill, American G-Men. 1-3. 3 cards from the 1939-40 F279-7 Quaker Puffed Wheat Sparkies “Home Defense Series.” These cards feature “Captain Sparks.” Present are #1, 2 and “U.S. Marine Parachutists.” The yellow border is trimmed away, and the cards are about 4” x 5 ½”. As trimmed, #1 is ex, 2 vg and the third g+. 4. 1934 R24 “Big Thrill” Buck Jones booklet, “Avenging the Secret Service.” Three pin holes; otherwise, ex. 5. 1936 Dixie Lid of Buck Jones, sepia, “World Famous Star…,” f. 6-15. 10 1936 R13-2 “American G-Men” cards: #112 (3), 115, 120, 121, 123 (3), 124. One card grades f, 3 f-g, 2 g, 2 g-vg and 2 vg. MB
Winning Bid $55.

Lot 590.  3 1930s Exhibit Cards Depicting the “Amos n’ Andy” Radio Show. Few radio programs ever commanded a larger audience. In the 1940s, as many as 40 million listeners a week heard the show, which featured stereotypical black characters created by Freeman Gosden and Charles Correll. The three cards show the actors in blackface. The cards are #1 “Aint That Sumpin,” vg, foxing, no creases. #15 “Well I’ll Be Dog-on” ex+. #16 “The Boys Resting Before Broadcasting,” ex, edge stain on the blank back.
Winning Bid $83.
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