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Baseball Books   16 Lots       »   

Lot 345.  Baseball Novels Spanning the 20th Century – One by Zane Grey. Although he specialized in Western fiction, Grey wrote several sports novels, including The Young Pitcher. Offered here is a 1911 hardback edition from Grosset & Dunlap, blue covers with red and black printing, nice vg-ex with an inscription on the front end-page. The other books are hardback first editions. 1. “The High School Rivals” by Frank V. Webster, 1911, ex to ex+ book in vg dj. 2. “Batter Up! The Home Run Series” by Harold M. Sherman, 1930, vg book, no dj. 3. “Pinch Hitter” by Dick Friendlich, 1965, ex-m book, vg-ex dj. 4. “Murder at Ebbets Field” by Troy Soos, 1995 stated first, nm-m book, nm price-clipped dj. 5. “Castro’s Curveball: A Novel” by Tim Wendel, 1999, ex-library, last end-page removed, dust jacket taped to book; otherwise, interior of book has an ex-m appearance, as does the dj. Plenty of entertaining reading here.
Winning Bid $25.

Lot 346.  Lester Chadwick “Baseball Joe” Book, Boys’ Clubs First Day of Issue Envelope. This Chadwick book is “Baseball Joe in the Central League,” 1914, apparent first edition from Cupples & Leon Co. vg-ex with owner’s name inside. Accompanying the book is a First Day “Boys’ Clubs of America Movement” envelope with 4-cent stamp issued Oct. 18, 1960. The envelope is ex in a special ex descriptive holder.
Winning Bid $10.

Lot 347.  1914 First Edition of Balldom: “The Britannica of Baseball.” This pioneering 304-page hardback by George L. Moreland traces the development of baseball from 1845. It provides team histories, rosters and league standings from as early as the 1870s, as well as anecdotes and obscure information. This is the first baseball “encyclopedia.” Born in England, Moreland was a sportswriter for the “Pittsburgh Post.” Balldom Publishing of New York issued the book. The book has a Baseball Magazine rubber stamp impression on the front end-page. The book, without a dust jacket, is well used but unabused, vg with some stains on the cover. Reprints of this book are being offered for $80. Why settle for a reprint? You could own a historic original for as little as our
Winning Bid $168.

Lot 348.  11 Baseball History Books. Hardbacks unless noted. 1. The History of Baseball, Allison Danzig and Joe Reichler, 1959 first edition, vg-ex book, ex dj. 2. 150 Years of Baseball, Stephen Hanks, 1989 first, nm book, vg+ to ex dj. 3. Our Game: An American Baseball History, Charles C. Alexander, 1991 first, nm book, dj. 4. Tales from Baseball’s Golden Age, Gene Fehler, 2000 first, nm book with inscription, price-clipped nm dj. 5. Illustrated History of Baseball, Alex Chadwick, 1995 first, ex-m book, dj. 6. Play Ball: The Life and Troubled Times of Major League Baseball, John Feinstein, 1993, nm book, dj. 7. The Baseball Catalog, Dan Schlossberg, 1983 PB, ex. 8. SABR’s The National Pastime, 1996, No. 16, ex-m. 9. The World Series, Donald Honig, 1986 stated first, nm book, ex-m+ dj. 10. Baseball’s Greatest Games, Dan Gutman, 1994 first, nm-m book, dj. 11. Baseball’s Greatest Teams, Tom Meany, 1949 first, vg book, no dj. The History of Baseball typically sells for at least $25.
Winning Bid $55.

Lot 349.  Rare Copy of Rhode Island’s Baseball Legacy (1827-1960) ThePlayers; Volume I. This self-published paperback book by Rick Harris provides 80+ pages of text and photos covering the development of baseball in Rhode Island and the state’s contribution to the game. Harris produced the book in 2001 as part of the state’s Historic Baseball Project. This copy is nm+ and hand-numbered and signed by the author.
Winning Bid $61.

Lot 350.  Baseball’s Greatest Drama: World Series History 1903-1942 by Joseph J. Krueger. In this self-published 410-page book, Krueger provides a narrative of each World Series game through 1942. Second printing, 1943, vg+ to ex book that has the owner’s name on a bookplate inside the front cover. The dust jacket has a drawing identified as Lou Gehrig. This dj is g, and it is very scarce in any condition.
Winning Bid $25.

Lot 351.  2 Scarce Books on the Negro Leagues. Both appear to be self-published or to be from very small publishers. New York journalist Jacob Margolies offers a concise history in The Negro Leagues: The Story of Black Baseball1993 stated first edition, nm-m book, ex-m+ dj. The second book is Buck Leonard: The Black Lou Gehrig, an autobiography written with James A. Riley, 1995 first, nm-m book, ex+ dj. Well worth our
Winning Bid $35.

Lot 352.  The Fireside Book of Baseball, Volumes 1-3. These books, all hardback, contain much of the best baseball writing ever created. Each of the first two volumes contain almost 400 pages of text, photos, cartoons and drawings, while the third runs 500 pages. Typically, the articles and stories are a quick read, running three to five pages. There are articles by players such as Mickey Mantle, Jimmy Piersall and Rube Marquard, and by writers such as Bernard Malamud, Zane Grey and Red Smith. Charles Einstein edited all three volumes. Volume I, from 1956, is ex-m in a g-vg dj; Volume II, 1958, ex book, vg+ to ex dj; Volume III, 1968, ex-m book, vg+ to ex dj.
Winning Bid $75.

Lot 353.  5 Baseball Biographies and 3 Related Books. The subjects of these books include Lou Boudreau, Yogi Berra, Buck Weaver, Rex Barney, Al Schacht, Gary Matthews and others. Hardbacks unless otherwise noted. 1. Player-Manager, Lou Boudreau, 1949 stated first edition, ex-m+ to nm book, ex dj. 2. The Ginger Kid: The Buck Weaver Story, Irving M. Stein, 1992 first, ex-m+ book, vg+ to ex dj. 3. My Own Particular Screwball, Al Schacht, 1955 first, ex+ book, name on inside flap of dj, otherwise vg+. 4. They Call Me Sarge, 1985 PB, writing on title page, vg. 5. Tex Barney’s Thank Youuuu, 1993 stated first, nm+ book, ex-m dj. 6. The Yogi Book: I Really Didn’t Say Everything I Said, 1999 stated first printing, nm-m book, nm dj. 7. The Greatest Catchers of All Time, Donald Honig, 1991 first, nm-m book, ex+ dj. 8. The Great American Baseball Stat Book, Bill James, 1987 stated first PB, ex.
Winning Bid $30.

Lot 354.  Walter Johnson: Baseball’s Big Train Signed by the Author. In hardback, this book by Henry W. Thomas is comparatively scarce. Nm-m 1995 book with an ex dj. Thomas signed the front end-page. His signature is a 10. Personalized to “Dale.” Authenticated by Kevin Keating.
Winning Bid $25.

Lot 355.  “Billy” Sunday: The Man and His Message by William T. Ellis, 1914, orange covers, vg. The book is identified as an “Authorized Edition.” After roaming the outfield for the Chicago White Stockings and Pittsburgh Pirates, Sunday traveled about the country as an evangelist. One estimate is that he preached to more than 85 million individuals. At his death in 1935, the New York Times called him “the greatest high-pressure and mass-conversion Christian evangelist that America has ever known.”
Winning Bid $20.

Lot 356.  The Yankees by John Durant plus Bonuses. First edition, green boards, ex book, nice vg dj with tape repair of a tear visible primarily on the back. (Best dj we’ve had.) Subtitled “A pictorial history of Baseball’s Greatest Club,” this book has a photo on virtually every page. Bonuses: 8” x 10” glossy b&w photos of the 1958 (vg with extensive, light surface cracking) and 1961 (vg-ex) Yankees. Photo postcard of Mantle and Maris, vg. 1971 Clinic pc of Gene Michel, vg-ex. 1993 color 11” x 14” picture from the Gehrig estate featuring a memorabilia montage including a photo of Gehrig and his wife, nm. 1992 Wheaties boxes, one with Ruth, one with Gehrig, both vg-ex as collapsed.
Winning Bid $45.

Lot 357.  The Complete Mark Harris’ Baseball Library - “Bang the Drum Slowly,” 3 More. Turned into a movie starring Robert De Niro, “Bang the Drum Slowly” is generally regarded as one of the top five baseball movies and novels. This version of the book is a 1956 second printing that is ex-m except for writing on the back end-page. The other Harris books also are hardbacks: “The Southpaw,” 1953, first edition, vg book, no dj. “It Looked Like Forever,” 1979 first edition, nm book, price-clipped vg+ to ex dj. “Diamond Baseball Writings of Mark Harris,” 1994 first edition, very slight shelf wear on the dust jacket; otherwise, like new. A “must” for the real baseball fan.
Winning Bid $35.

Lot 358.  5 Sports Collectibles Books Including The Sports Collectors Bible. Prepared by Bert Randolph Sugar, the 4th edition of the “Bible” may be the most important in this lot. It provides pioneering baseball card checklists, including some that still are uncommon in more current guides. 1983 paperback, vg+ to ex. Other books, PBs: All About Baseball Cards Collecting, booklet Earl & Michael Sanft, 1987, vg-ex. Baseball Memorabilia, Robert Obojski, 1991, ex+. Baseball Autograph Handbook, C. O. Baker, 1990 stated first, ex. Sports Cards Collecting, Trading, and Playing, Margo McLoone & Alice Siegel, 1979, note on inside title page, otherwise ex. 200 Standard Catalog of Baseball Cards, Bob Lemke, 2000, vg.
Winning Bid $83.

Lot 359.  The Great Old Bubble Gum Cards and Some Cigarette Cards + Other Reprint Books. This 1977 publication from Prime Press contains reprint cards of T206s, American Beauties, G-Men, 1933 Goudeys, National Chicle Sky Birds, Dixie Lids, Horrors of War, Indian Gum, Cowboy Series and various comic cards, including the Lone Ranger and Mickey Mouse. Oversized 10 ½” x 14” softbound, ex-m with mint cards. The page with the Honus Wagner reprint T206 notes that the card “is the rarest of all cards, worth a cool $1,500.” The cards are marked as reprints. Comes with three reprint books from Bert Randolph Sugar and Dover Publications: 1977 Classic Baseball Cards, 1978 Hall of Fame Baseball Cards and 1982 National League Baseball Card Classics. Duplication among the cards is minimal. Ex-m books with nm-m cards.
Winning Bid $68.
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