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Baseballs and Store Model Bats   8 Lots      

Lot 272.  Rare Circa 1912 Spalding Frank M. Schulte Store Model Bat. Schulte was a solid outfielder who hit with power for the Chicago Cubs from 1904-15. Traded to Pittsburgh in 1916, he subsequently played for the Phils and Washington. He was MVP of the National League in 1911. Although this bat has been abused, the Spalding name and Schulte’ facsimile signature show through nicely on the barrel. It is cracked with a screw in and tape on the handle, has some smaller pieces missing, and at least two coats of paint have been applied. This project bat is 35” long and weighs about 38 ounces. Scarce bat that, with some TLC, could be a nice addition to a Cubs fan’s collection.
Winning Bid $92.

Lot 273.  Unusual “Derby Ball” Bat from the Edwards Corp. of Waterbury, Vt. This bat would make a good addition to a regional collection. It is 34” long, shows substantial use and the engraved logo is intact except for the right edge.
Winning Bid $102.

Lot 274.  Vintage “Crackerjack” Bat. This 28” post-World War I Crackerjack bat features strong, bold labeling. Collectors had to mail away to obtain these bats, which Hillerich & Bradsby produced. This is an HB “02” model. No cracks, a couple of chips on the knob and some rough wood just above the “Crackerjack” logo. Displays as ex with especially strong engravings.
Winning Bid $25.

Lot 275.  1950s Adirondack Gil Hodges Store Model Bat. This 31” 302JG Little League model has Hodges’ name in script on the barrel and, apparently as manufactured, a material on the handle to improve the batter’s grip. The bat shows substantial use; markings remain readable.
Minimum Bid $20.

Lot 276.  4 Store-Model Bats – Jackie Robinson, Ed Mathews, Johnny Bench, Ted Williams. The Robinson bat is a 30” Adirondack 71JR Little League All Star model. Vg with readable stampings and an individual’s name in pen on the barrel. Representing Mathews is a 34” Louisville Slugger 125S bat with nails in the handle and readable stampings. The Williams bat is a 32” Model 1725 from Sears, Roebuck and Co. Williams’ name on the logo in intact and partially present on the barrel. A 32” Hillerich & Bradsby 180 “Louisville Kentucky” bat with a “Grand Slam” designation has Johnny Bench’s name in block letters on the barrel.
Winning Bid $50.

Lot 277.  Mickey Mantle, Jackie Robinson Store Model Bats. Both are 34” Hillerich & Bradsby Louisville Slugger 125 models, and each has the player’s name in script on the barrel. The Mantle bat, from 1965-68, has tape on the handle, wear on the logo and various ball marks. The R17 Robinson bat, with “Flame Tempered” in place of “Powerized,” has a cracked handle; a 7”-long section of wood is missing from the back of the barrel. The front of the bat displays extremely well.
Winning Bid $75.

Lot 278.  1969-72 Hillerich & Bradsby Louisville Slugger Nellie Fox Store Model Bat. Two-tone bat, 34” long with a “4” on the knob. It shows some use, but not abuse. The engravings appear somewhat light against the dark barrel.
Winning Bid $20.

Lot 279.  Baseballs and Original Baseball Boxes. At one time, three of the boxes held a dozen baseballs. A “Spalding Official Baseballs” box grades g, A Wilson “Official Major League Baseballs” box, g, and an “Official NBC Baseballs” box, vg. In addition, there are four baseballs in their original boxes: 1. “1984 Olympic Games Baseball” by Rawlings. Nm ball in the original box with a stand for displaying the ball. 2. Worth “Official League Baseball.” Mint in the original unopened box. 3. De Beer “Official Babe Ruth League Tournament Series” baseball in its original box. Nm-m ball. 4. “Little League” baseball in its original box. Vg ball.
Winning Bid $25.
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