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Multi-Signed Baseball Collectibles   5 Lots      

Lot 64.  Plastic Batting Cap Signed by N.L. Batting Champ Freddy Sanchez, Other Pirates. This souvenir cap features 21 signatures by members of the 2006 Pirates team, including Sanchez, whose .344 average was the National League’s best this season. Sanchez signed on the bill of the cap next to manager Jim Tracy. The cap is signed also by Jose Bautista, Jason Bay, Jeromy Burnitz, Rajai Davis, Zachary Duke, Gary Redus and Bill Virdon. The signatures in silver sharpie are bold 10s. LoA from Collectible Classics.
Winning Bid $61.

Lot 166.  Vintage Signatures of 10 St. Louis Cardinals on Autograph Album Pages. The signatures, on three separate album pages, are in pencil and grade 9s and 10s. All are from the 1943-44 seasons. Sheet 1. Stan Musial, George Munger, Dan Litwhiler, Max Lanier. 2. Harry Gumbert, Ken O’Dea, Mort Cooper. 3. E. Verban, Al Jurisich (twice), Mike Naymick. Copy of an LoA from Global Authentication. Authenticated by Kevin Keating as well.
Minimum Bid $50.

Lot 167.  22 St. Louis Browns Signatures on 8 Autograph Album Pages. These pencil autographs are from the 1943-44 seasons. They grade 9s and 10s. Sheet 1. George McQuinn, Vern Stephens. 2. Tom Hafey, Weldon West, Geo Caster. 3. Milt Byrnes, Mark Christman, Don Gutteridge. 4. Frank Demaree, Al Zarilla, Bob Muncrief. 5. Gene Moore, Chet Laabs, M. Christman. 6. Al Zarilla, Tex Shirley, Tom Turner, Milt Byrnes. 7. Jack Kramer, F. Mancusco, Jack Jakucki. 8. Fred Schmidt. Copy of an LoA from Global Authentication. Authenticated by Kevin Keating as well.
Winning Bid $60.

Lot 168.  Vintage Signatures of 7 Major Leaguers on Autograph Album Pages. The signature of Bucky Walters, written in fountain pen, is on an album page with a pencil signature of Emil Verban. In 1939, 1940 and 1944, Walters (died 1991) won more than 20 games for Cincinnati. Verban (d. 1989) was a second baseman for the Cardinals and other teams, 1944-50. The Walters autograph is strong with smudges on the “W” and two other letters. The Verban autograph is a 9-10. The following pencil autographs are 9s and 10s. Four 1944 Cincinnati Reds, Dain Clay, Eddie Miller, Frank McCormick and Bob Katz. 3. Vern Stephens (d. 1968), power-hitting shortstop for the Browns and Red Sox. 4. Al Zarilla (d. 1996), outfielder for the Browns, Red Sox and White Sox. Copy of an LoA from Global Authentication. Authenticated by Kevin Keating as well. Stephens has as much a claim to the Hall of Fame as some shortstops already there, and his autograph alone is well worth our
Winning Bid $138.

Lot 169.  Rawlings Baseball Glove Autographed by 11 Negro League Players. Signatures are on a large, unused nm-m Ken Griffey, Jr. model black glove. Neatly placed on the glove’s fingers, the signatures as those of Bernard Willis, Freddy Taylor, Carl Long, George “Chin” Davis, Henry “Bird” Clark, Art Hamilton, Tony Lloyd, John “Mule” Miles, Willie Lockett, Roy White and Don Porter. Most of the players have listed the teams they played for. Signatures in silver sharpie are bold and 10 of 10. Authenticated by Kevin Keating.
Winning Bid $50.
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