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Boxing Cards and Memorabilia   7 Lots      

Lot 127.  19th Century Tintype of Two Men in a Bare-Knuckles Boxing Pose. In this great period item, two men in suits face each other, appearing to be ready for some bare-knuckles boxing action. Excellent contrast in this 2 ¼” x 3 ¼” tintype, which is vg with clipped corners and displays very well.
Winning Bid $55.

Lot 128.  15 Rare Mid-1950s R437 Joe Palooka Cards of James J. Corbett, Jake Kilrain. These cards formed the backs of candy boxes produced by the Comics Novelty Candy Corp. of New York. Overall, they grade g, with some better, some less. There are eight copies of the Kilrain card, and seven of the Corbett card. Kilrain fought both Corbett and John L. Sullivan for the heavyweight boxing title.
Winning Bid $1,158.

Lot 129.  Muhammad Ali Autograph on the Cover of the March 1964 Sport Magazine. A young, determined Cassius Clay appears ready for action on the cover of this ex magazine. A comparatively large Ali autograph in black sharpie in the lower left corner of the magazine is a fabulous 10 of 10. Authenticated by Kevin Keating.
Winning Bid $204.

Lot 130.  Ringside Boxing Glove Autographed by 12. Red boxing glove signed by Carmen Basilio, Gene Fullmer, Emile Griffith, Marvelous Marvin Hagler, Kevin Kelley, Christy Martin, referee Arthur Mercante, Ken Norton, Carlos Ortiz, Tracy Patterson and Aaron Pryor. The autographs are 10s in black sharpie. Authenticated by Kevin Keating.
Winning Bid $55.

Lot 131.  Complete Run of Ring Boxing Magazines, 1950-64. All the greats of the era are present in these 180 issues of the premier boxing magazine – Marciano, Giardello, Walcott, Moore, Tiger, Pep, Robinson, Cassis Clay, etc. Most of these magazines have been folded or bent vertically. Otherwise, they are exceptionally clean and free of significant creases or splitting alone the spine. Their appearance is ex-m.
Winning Bid $403.

Lot 132.  Vintage, Modern Boxing Items Including a Signed Photo of Marty Gallagher. Generally regarded as the best heavyweight ever from Washington, D.C., Gallagher fought from 1925-39, defeating Tony Galento and losing to Galento and John Henry Lewis. After he retired, he became a referee, revived boxing at Georgetown University and coached also at George Washington. His vintage, personalized fountain pen signature is on an 8” x 10” vg photo. Signature is a 9. 2-3. 1930s photos, 4” x 6”, of Honey Boy Hughes and another boxer identified as McDonough. G-vg, each with a corner pin hole, nice images. Fighting as a lightweight 1933-36, Hughes lost to two of the best, Lou Ambers and Tony Canzoneri. 4-5. 1946 boxing cards for bouts at Chicago’s Rainbo Arena and Marigold Gardens. Vg. 6. Kid Berg on the cover of the Aug. 1932 The Arena and Strength, g-vg. 7. 1937 Wrestling & Boxing News from “Doc” Ayers, g-vg. 8. 1939 program for the Tri-County Amateur Boxing Tournament in north-central Pennsylvania, g-vg. 9. Sheet music for “A Bird In a Gilded Cage” from the 1941 movie “Ringside Maisie.” Ann Sothern on the cover, small tear, vg. 10-11. Program for Sugar Ray Leonard’s fourth professional fight, against Frank Santore on Sept. 24, 1977 in Baltimore. Leonard on the cover, g, writing inside. Also, and 8” x 10” photo of Leonard, g. 12-21. Ten 1977-78 “Sportscaster” cards, including Louis, Marciano, Ali, Frazier, Robinson, Moore, Armstrong, Teofilo Stevenson. Ex-m.
Winning Bid $40.

Lot 133.  Rocky Marciano Photos, Ticket Stub, Pin and Related Telegram. Four 8” x 10” black & white photos, including one dated 1953, capture the undefeated heavyweight champion prior to fights or in informal settings. One shows him with his manager, Al Weill. Three photos have staple holes in the corners; otherwise, two are vg+ to ex and two are ex-m. The ticket stub, for a working press member, is for the July 28, 1952 Yankee Stadium bout between Marciano and Harry “Kid” Matthews. Marciano knocked him out in the second round. Technically g, the stub looks better. Interestingly, it states “Ladies Not Admitted.” A related telegram gives a Providence reporter directions for obtaining his press credentials. Also included is a 3 ½” violet, black and white pin that pictures Marciano. The text says “Rocky Marciano, Brockton Blockbuster, 1923-1969. Nm-m.
Winning Bid $50.
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