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Bowling Memorabilia Cards, Various Sports +   5 Lots      

Lot 181.  1936 Transogram “Ten Pins” Bowling Game. Colorful graphics on a tight box that technically is vg-ex but displays much better. Inside are 10 brightly painted 6 ½” pins; orange is the only duplicate color. The pins and two bowling balls are ex. If you want a single vintage bowling game in your collection, this is an outstanding candidate.
Winning Bid $102.

Lot 182.  Circa 1890s E. B. Estes “Little Rips Tenpins,” Second Miniature Game. Delightful graphics characterize the box that houses the E. B. Estes & Sons miniature bowling game. Rip Van Winkle and friends decorate the top of the box, clown bowlers the bottom, and brownies and frogs are featured on the side. Although it is split along the seams and has some tears, the box is complete except from the lid flap. The game is complete, with 2” natural pins and two bowling balls. The “No. 99 Miniature Ten Pins,” manufacturer unknown, consists of 1 ¾” pins and one green bowling ball inside a vg-ex box.
Winning Bid $35.

Lot 183.  Holiday Bowling Collection – Snow Village “Bowling Alley,” Coke “10 Pin Diner.” All are mint in their original packages. 1. Snow Village Department 56 “Bowling Alley.” Coca-Cola Town Square Collection: 2. 2002 “10 Pin Diner.” 3. Young man and woman Christmas decoration. The bowling alley and diner are large and impressive.
Winning Bid $40.

Lot 184.  3 Attractive Bowling Trophy Cups Spanning 1907-17. 1. 1907 N.B.C. Boston Pins cup, team prize, copper and pewter-type finishes, vg-ex. 2. 1914 Mucko Bowling Club cup, silver-plated, small dent, vg-ex. 3. 1917 Maugus Club Bottle Pins, first team prize. Copper-colored Indian logo on a cup with a silver finish. Vg+ to ex.
Winning Bid $68.

Lot 185.  1912 ABC Brunswick-Balke-Collender Bowling Alley Metal Plate. This 6 ¾” x 11” plate, with a copper appearance, indicates that the bowling establishment has “Standard Regulation Bowling Alleys.” It lists a variety of patents, ranging from 1896-1912, and is stamped No. “10417.” It has a couple of small dents and displays very nicely.
Winning Bid $45.
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