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Baseball Memorabilia   38 Lots       »   

Lot 50.  World Champion 1925 Pittsburgh Pirates with Douglas Fairbanks, Mary Pickford. This beautiful black and white 11” x 17” photo captures the Pirates team with the Hollywood stars on the set of the movie “Don Quixote.” While it grades vg due to some inoffensive creasing, it displays as ex. It is professionally matted and framed with two typed letters from Barney Dreyfus on “Pittsburgh Athletic Company” stationary. Both letters are to C. B. Shelton, a minor league player with the Pirates Durham club. The Dreyfus signatures appear to be identical to exemplars. At the end of each signature, however, is the letter “R,” suggesting that they are secretarial. The lithographed letterhead is outstanding, and the photo is large and impressive. It shows Fairbanks and Pickford with Pie Traynor, Kiki Cuyler, Paul Waner, Babe Adams and a host of other Pirates.
Winning Bid $400.

Lot 51.  1904 “Husky Hans” Honus Wagner Sheet Music. This is a life-used copy, with some creases, stains and tears. “Compliments of Uncle Tom to Amy” is written on an inside page. The image of Wagner has good eye appeal, and the facsimile signature is bold.
Winning Bid $81.

Lot 52.  1950s Pittsburgh Pirates Boy Bank. This hand-pained figure stands 6 ½” tall. He wears a white Pirates cap with a red brim. Ex with a small paint chip on one sleeve and a couple of small marks on his face.
Winning Bid $55.

Lot 53.  7 Signed 1950s-60s Pittsburgh Pirates Postcards Including an Early Maz Signature. Seven of the cards were mailed in 1958, and two in the early 1960s. The early Bill Mazeroski fountain pen signature, which varies substantially from his current autograph, is at the bottom of a postcard mailed from Barberton, Ohio, in 1958. The signature is a 7-8. Other postcards were signed by: ElRoy Face, a beautiful 10. Hank Foiles, 9. Ronnie Kline (deceased), 9, very strong autograph, minor bleed on the “nn.” Vernon Law, (2), one a 9, the other 6-7. Frank Thomas, 6-7. Cards with facsimile autographs are Haddix, Murtaugh and Skinner. The condition of the cards is f to f-g. Autographs authenticated by Kevin Keating.
Winning Bid $83.

Lot 54.  Wire Photo of Paul Waner Collecting His 3,000th Hit, 16 Other Waner Photos. After 15 Hall of Fame seasons in Pittsburgh, Waner concluded his career with stops in Brooklyn, Boston and New York. On June 19, 1942, playing for the Braves, he joined the 3,000-hit club with a run-scoring single off former teammate Rip Sewell. The 8” x 10” AP Wirephoto capturing the event is from the archives of the Philadelphia Record. G+ to vg photo with some retouching for newspaper publication; filing label at the bottom. Paul is shown in 15 other photos, including one with Lloyd, his brother. Lloyd alone is the subject of one photo. Highlights include Paul signing his 1938 contract, with Heine Manush, catching a crab, as a hospital patient and as a champion amateur golfer. Five photos are about 8” x 10”, six 7” x 9”, three 5” x 10” and three smaller. They average vg.
Winning Bid $175.

Lot 55.  1950s Pittsburgh Pirates Popcorn Megaphone Autographed by Max Carey. Unused ex-m megaphone with a fountain pen 10 Carey signature. The Hall of Fame outfielder added, “May success always be yours.” Carey died in 1976.
Winning Bid $55.

Lot 56.  1960 Pittsburgh Pirates Schedule on a 24” x 16” Cardboard Iron City Beer Poster. Fabulous graphics picture a Pirates player nose-to-nose with an umpire. The poster is very clean with a tack hole and very slight paper loss in the right border. An inoffensive piece of clear tape is in the upper left corner. Vg-ex with the image and schedule areas displaying as ex-m. An outstanding collectible for the Pirates’ championship season.
Winning Bid $185.

Lot 57.  1960 Oversized Iron City Pittsburgh Pirates Championship Team Photo. This bar display by Pittsburgh Brewing, on heavy cardboard, measures 17” x 33”. It shows the Pirates against a lush ivy-covered Forbes Field wall. A printed “frame” borders the whole photo. This example has damage to the border. The team picture itself has some slight scratches on several players and light soiling. Attractive with excellent player images.
Winning Bid $55.

Lot 58.  1960 Yankees at Pittsburgh Pirates World Series Program. Strong, attractive ex copy with slight, light staining in the upper left and a crease in the lower right. Impressive program.
Winning Bid $45.

Lot 59.  Signed Photo, Figurine Marking Mazeroski’s World Series Winning Home Run. Few events in baseball history are more memorable than Bill Mazeroski’s seventh-game 9th-inning World Series home run that gave the Pittsburgh Pirates an improbable win over the New York Yankees. The photo shows fans congratulating Maz as he rounds third base. The autograph is a 10. The 7 ½” figurine, given away by the Pirates, commemorates 45th anniversary of the event,. Mint in the original box. Authen- ticated by Kevin Keating.
Winning Bid $45.

Lot 60.  Pittsburgh Pirates Grab Bag with 1960 Championship Season Memorabilia. This collection begins with a 1960 Jay Publishing picture pack of 12. The photos grade ex overall with the exception of Murtaugh, whose name has been trimmed away. Clemente and Mazeroski, of course, are in this set. 2. “The Impossible Pirates: Sixty Incredible Years of Baseball.” This 33 1/3 rpm phonograph record is ex-m in a vg jacket that shows Bill Mazeroski about to cross home plate after his historic game winning 9th inning home run in Game 7 of the 1960 World Series. Bob Prince and Rosey Roswell provide some of the narration. 3. “A Conversation with Roberto Clemente,” the original sound track from the special television program on a 33 1/3 rpm record. Ex-m record in a g-vg cover with a portrait of Clemente. 4. “Elroy Face-Hal Smith: 2 Bucs at the Holiday House,” 33 1/3 rpm record from Robbee. Face and Smith are pictured on the front cover in matching outfits singing and playing guitars. Nm record with some discoloration on the label; vg-ex jacket. 5-6. 2 publications: “Three Rivers Stadium Souvenir Book” published by the Pirates to mark the completion and first use of the stadium, vg. “Forbes Field 60th Birthday 1909-1969 Pittsburgh Pirates Picture Album.” G-vg cover, ex-m inside pages. 7-14. 8 different 8 ½” x 11” black and white Pirates Team pictures: 1957 g with writing on the back, 1958 vg, 1959 g, 1960 vg-ex, 1961 ex, 1962 ex, 1964 ex and 1964 vg-ex. Great lot for a Pirates fan. The Face-Smith act alone is worth our MB.
Winning Bid $83.

Lot 61.  Scarce 1973 45 RPM Record Honoring Roberto Clemente. Titled “Song of Roberto,” this record is the equivalent of a self-published book, recorded in Pittsburgh by Mario Martinelli and pressed on local Chatham Records. The flip side is “Spanish Harlem.” The record is mint in a special “Song of Roberto” sleeve. If you’d like, we’ll put the “A” side sound on a compact disc for easy, modern listening.
Winning Bid $50.

Lot 62.  100 Clemente Memorabilia Calendars Including One Autographed by His Family. These “lifetime calendars” were issued in 1994 in conjunction with the Major League All-Star Game at the price of $12.95 each. They picture rare Clemente memorabilia such as uniforms, bats, shoes, awards and cards. We offer two sealed cases with 50 calendars each plus an example signed by Clemente’s two sons and wife, Vera, It is #47 of 100. The retail value is more than $1000, but you can get in at our low MB.
Winning Bid $99.

Lot 63.  ONL Feeney Baseball Signed by Willie Stargell, 18 More 1982 Pittsburgh Pirates. Stargell, in his final major league season, signed boldly at the top of a side panel with Ray, Easler, Davis and Dale Berra. Other signers are Chuck Tanner on the sweet spot, Madlock, Tekulve, McWilliams, Parker, Lacy, Candelaria, Moreno, Romo, Pena, Scurry (died 1992), Niemann, Lonnett and Skinner. The ball is likely game-use. Most of the signatures are 9s or 10s, including Stargell’s. On one panel, three are 7-8, and one is less. Authenticated by Kevin Keating.
Winning Bid $61.

Lot 64.  Plastic Batting Cap Signed by N.L. Batting Champ Freddy Sanchez, Other Pirates. This souvenir cap features 21 signatures by members of the 2006 Pirates team, including Sanchez, whose .344 average was the National League’s best this season. Sanchez signed on the bill of the cap next to manager Jim Tracy. The cap is signed also by Jose Bautista, Jason Bay, Jeromy Burnitz, Rajai Davis, Zachary Duke, Gary Redus and Bill Virdon. The signatures in silver sharpie are bold 10s. LoA from Collectible Classics.
Winning Bid $61.
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