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Baseball Cards   25 Lots       »   

Lot 19.  14 Different 1900 T203 Mayo’s Baseball Comics. The appearance of these cards is superb. After more than 100 years, they retain their colorful brilliance. At one time, they were inserted into an album, which resulted in creases toward the corners and small tears in three cards, which we have graded f. The 11 others are g. This is an attractive group constituting more than half of the set. When nm, these cards for $150 each.
Winning Bid $366.

Lot 20.  10 Early 1900s Baseball Comic Postcards. H798-2, Series 312, mailed 1912, “A Base on Balls,” vg+. H798-9, Colonial Art, 1910, “A Steal,” (2), both vg. H798-16, Baseball Kidlets 195 series: “Gee – I Guess I Ought To Know Where To Wear It,” mailed 1913, vg+. “Hit By The Pitcher,” mailed 1911, g-vg. H798-33, Series 113, “Two Lovely Misses,” ex-m+. Very nice card. H798-36, The National Game, “You’re Out,” nm+. H798-55, Charles Dana Gibson art, “Two Strikes and the Bases Full,” mailed 1906, part of sender’s message on front, g. Also: Boy batter, “Valentine Greetings, I’m a might muscular…,” mailed 1915, g-vg. Cartoon batter, “We are making a great hit with…,” Chicago advertising, B1138 series, mailed 1910, couple of small stains, vg.
Winning Bid $83.

Lot 21.  1911 Max Rigot Jumbo Three-Panel Panoramic Postcard of Comiskey Park. Neither words nor a picture in the catalog can do this magnificent postcard justice. We have not seen anything quite like it before. Measuring 5” x 24”, this triptych black & white postcard says “American League ‘White Sox’ New Ball Park” in the center at the top. It provides a panoramic view of the grandstands, the field with a game in progress and the Chicago skyline. The ballpark opened on July 1, 1910. The postcard has been professionally reinforced at the two folds; these repairs are noticeable only on the back. Otherwise, creases make the card technically grade g-vg. Its appearance and eye appeal are much, much better. As a display item, it is absolutely stunning.
Winning Bid $200.

Lot 22.  1925-31 W590 Uncut Strip of 10 Baseball Players, 7 in the Hall of Fame. The players are Charley Grimm, Max Carey, (Jimmy) Caveny (Short Stop variation), George Burns (Philadelphia N.L.), Grover C. Alexander (Chicago N.L.), Travis Jackson, Dave Bancroft (Boston N.L.), “Buckey” Harris, Frankie Frisch and Tris Speaker (Cleveland A.L.). Technically g, the strip, which is 13 ½” x 2 13/16”, presents very nicely. It is oversized top-to-bottom since the stated size of these cards is 1 3/8” x 2 ½”.
Winning Bid $291.

Lot 23.  8 Different 1930s Baseball Cards. 1934-36 R318 Batter-Up: #1 Berger g, 2 Brant vg, 52 Schumacher vg-ex, 55 Bejma vg, 67 Mancuso vg-ex, 80 Kuehl vg-ex. 1938 Goudey: #279 Solters f. 1939 Play Ball: #83 Suhr g
Winning Bid $88.

Lot 24.  4 1934-36 Diamond Stars Including 2 High Numbers: #30a Manush g, 78b Kuhel vg-ex, 92 Allen vg, 106 Lucas g-vg.
Winning Bid $102.

Lot 25.  8 1941 R336 Play Ball Cards Including #21 Keller, 1 High Number. Here is a clean group from this very popular set. Ex-m #31, 35. Ex+ #9, 29, 53. Ex #21 Keller. Vg #5. G-vg #27.
Minimum Bid $200.

Lot 26.  10 1940s-50s Baseball Cards with Stars. Bowman: 1948 #2 g. 1951 #40 nm. 1953 #8 Rosen g+ to vg. 1954 #45 Kiner ex-m+ to nm. Topps: 1954 #7 Kluszewski ex-m, 15 Rosen vg-ex. 1956 #35 Rosen vg-ex. 1957 #40 Wynn ex. 1959 #260 Wynn vg. 1947-66 Exhibits Musial kneeling ex.
Minimum Bid $100.

Lot 27.  1948 Baseball’s Great Hall of Fame Exhibits Near Set - 28 of 33. Vg-ex. Missing Chance, Lajoie, Mack, Ruth (batting) and Young. Includes Cobb, Gehrig, Johnson, Mathewson, Ruth (standing with bats) and Wagner.
Winning Bid $174.

Lot 28.  6 1949 Leaf Baseball Cards. Ex-m cards: #22, 31, 97 Marion rookie. Vg: #14, 72. G-vg: #26. Six nice examples from the first post-WWII color set.
Minimum Bid $175.

Lot 29.  10 1949 Philadelphia Bulletin A’s, Phillies Including Ashburn, Fox and Mack. The Bulletin issued these “cards,” which had to be cut from the newspaper, each Sunday from May 22-July 24. Printed on fragile newsprint, these cards are very scarce. Generally, they have slight glue residue on the backs; some have tape or slight paper loss. The backs, which simply show some part of the comics section, are incidental to the cards. Backs aside, they grade: Ex Charley Bicknell. Vg+ Bob Blattner, Nellie Fox, Charlie Harris, Cy Perkins, Eddie Sawyer, Ken Silvestri. G (much better appearance) Rich Ashburn. F-g Dick Fowler. P Connie Mack (photo portion only).
Minimum Bid $100.

Lot 30.  12 1949 and 1950 Remar Bread Oakland Oaks, 1 1947 Smith’s Oaks. From 1949: Christopher ex, Jones ex+, Kryhoski g-vg, Lodigiani ex, Nelson vg, Rapp ex, Van Robays f-g, Scarsella g-vg, Woods ex. 1950: Foster vg-ex, Perry ex-m, Zimmerman ex+. 1947 Smith’s: #14 Kearse ex.
Winning Bid $61.

Lot 31.  118 Different 1950 Bowman Baseball Cards Including Frisch and 24 Low Numbers. Ex-m 1 card. Ex 1 low number. Vg-ex 13 cards with 1 low number. Vg 24 cards with 2 low numbers. G-vg 13 cards with 4 low numbers. G 10 cards including #229 Frisch and 5 low numbers. F-g 16 cards including 3 low numbers. F 12 cards including 3 low numbers. P-f 16 cards including 4 low numbers. P 12 cards including 1 low number.
Winning Bid $200.

Lot 32.  50 Different 1950 Callahan Hall of Fame Cards. Vg-ex collection with some cards better, some less. A dozen have some scrapbook residue on the back. Highlights include: Alexander g-vg, Anson ex, Brouthers vg-ex, Burkett vg-ex, Chance ex, Foxx vg-ex, Nichols ex, Speaker ex, Wright g-vg. These cards looks better than the grade indicates.
Winning Bid $100.

Lot 33.  1952 Topps Card #311 of Mickey Mantle. Although this card is more plentiful, it essentially is to the 1950s what the Honus Wagner card is to the early 1900s. F+.
Winning Bid $3,384.
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